Thursday, May 29, 2014

Park time fun!

I love getting fun treats from Evan's school! 

How cute is this?!

We tried a new park and the kids love it! Margaret wasn't letting Evan pass.

I put Evan in the spider web and he wasn't too happy about it! 

Treat time, gogurts! Evan thinks he is too cool for school! 


He knows how to eat a gogurt!

Ah it's gone!

Best buds!

The whole gang!

Evan has been obsessed with spiders, but he wouldn't climb the web...

Of course, we had to swing!!! 

Margaret loved this kind of swing!!

She is trying to chase the boys!

They had a blast on this swing!

Boys will be boys!

Look at me!!

He loved looking through the big eye!! Kids and their imagination!

Hugs to friends!! 

We went for a treat to the gas station next door!! 

Margaret gets pink and Evan gets blue- says Evan! 

Silly boy after bath time. His new thing is wrap me like a baby when I get out of the bath!!  

Anything for a boy filled with such joy! He really is such a fun loving boy! You either get an 'I am a three year old' tantrum or the happiest boy in the world!!! Bye bye threes and give me my happy boy ALL the time !!

Cloud Dough!! Oh boy!!

That's my girl! Drinking from the faucet!

So, I've been trying to add in exercise whenever I can. We went to hope park and I walked with the kids around the beautiful paths. It smelled of honeysuckles at every turn! After a great walk, the kids got to play (mostly swing) at the amazing park!!

Evan loves this slide, but Margaret wouldn't go down it !

Look at that girl !!

Backyard fun!! 

Mommy, look, I say cheese !

And now the cloud dough fun begins!!! For this cloud dough, it was flour and shaving cream. I didn't have enough shaving cream, so as you will see it is a little fluffy!!

Evan wouldn't touch it at first!

He put his hands's gooey!!

You can tell how she feels about it!

Now the fun begins!!

Look mommy! Snow!

Matgaret thought it was amusing to throw it on herself.

This is her ready set go pose!

The races begin!!

We had a blast making a huge mess!!! Evan and Margaret had flour in their hair for a few days, but it was totally worth it!! A little water and the back yard was clean!