Monday, September 20, 2010

20 weeks!!

We went to the doctor on Monday and found out it's a BOY!! We are both really excited and can't wait to meet him!

The doctor moved up our due date to 1/25/2011 instead of 1/29/2011. Our parents were of course there and loved every minute of it!!!

18 Weeks!

Well, we went to the Dr. on Monday (August 30th) thinking that we would find out the sex of our baby. We were wrong. We won't find out for two more weeks. We set an appointment for September 13th!!! Check back for some big news on the 13th!!

The Dr. checked the baby's heart beat, which was ~140 bpm. We also did a test for Spina Bifidia. I am sure that it was a waste of timme given Megan's age and health, but we couldn't resist. Everything came back normal.

Megan is really starting to show. Everyday it seems like her belly is growing! It is getting exciting for us!

I will let you know on the 13th if we are having a boy or girl!!!!