Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Fun!

A fun day at Chuck E Chesse!


Love my dude.


The dogs think breakfast looks good. 

The coop while ev is at school.


Her favorite. art. 

No heat means family snuggles.


Who is that!?

We got snow!


Blueberry 'soothie'

Playing at the train 

Park fun!

He loves slides because he is a big boy.

Evans soccer team. 

Can I play the coin game?

New obsession! Shopkinsl..

Lazy day 

Meting Santa

Evan is a pro....
Margaret is on the naughty list. 

Play doh fun!

I really hate play doh, but he loves it so much. 

Donuts with dad.

Little diva

Fun with bubbles

Fun with Grammy and pops. Dry ice first for the kids

Margaret likes to put all of clothes I her crib to sleep.