Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy 17 months!

Hard to believe, but Evan is 17 months old today! Time is just flying by! His newest trick is he likes to 'jump.' He doesn't get off the floor at all, but it sure is cute to watch. He also has mastered climbing. When we were painting the other day he got half way up the ladder (under careful supervision). He climbs all the way up the stairs, onto window sills, and can almost get on the couch and beds. He is trouble :) The good news is he becoming quite independent. He likes to read by himself and play with toys alone. It doesn't always last long, but it is a nice break for mommy to sit down. The bad news is he has mastered the temper tantrum. We are working really hard on signing to try and help alleviate his frustration. 

In baby girl news, we have her room painted pink. It looks wonderful. Mark worked really hard to get it done. I am very thankful and proud of him for his hard work. We get the furniture in on Wednesday, so look forward to some pictures! I can't wait! 

I'm so over this, mom!

Yes, we need to work on getting rid of the paci. 
Climbed on the window....

This is more what the color ACTUALLY looks like.
Evan loves to play in the empty room!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cake balls!

Very busy, but fun day today! We started it early with breakfast at The Original Pancake house. Evan and eleven of his friends all eating breakfast together. Thankfully, we had our own little room, so the kiddos could scream as much as need be. It was a great breakfast and a wonderful way to start off the day. Evan and I enjoyed some chocolate chip pancakes. Delicious!!! We came home after breakfast to play outside for a little bit hoping to beat the heat. Evan tired himself out and went down for a nap. Once he was up we ate lunch then heading to the Sugar Box, a cute little store with cupcakes and cake balls. We ate a chocolate cupcake at the store while mommy enjoyed time with her mommy friends. No one else was there, so Evan and his buddies were roaming the store. Between eating a cupcake and having friends to play with, Evan had a blast. Home again and Evan need another nap (mommy did too, but had to make dinner and do the dishes). Daddy came home. We ate dinner. Then, Evan got a cake ball. He loved it! It was an oreo cake ball that he had picked out himself. Bath time. Then off to bed for Evan! What a great day!

In other news, Mark cleared out the furniture in out guest room so that we can move the furniture from the 'used to be guest room' into there. Baby girl's furniture will be here next Wednesday, so we have a lot to do to get her room ready for furniture: We have to get all of the guest furniture out, move it to the other guest room, paint baby girl's room pink, and steam clean and vacuum the carpets. It shouldn't be too hard, but we thought we had another 3 weeks before the furniture would be here. I am excited to start working on decorating baby girl's room once the furniture is here!

Blurry, but he is excited!!
Cake balls!!
Mr. Blue Eyes!!
Can I fit all of this in my mouth?
Silly face!
Where did my ball go?
Sitting outside!
Creeping along......

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! We had a great day spending time with Mark's family! I didn't get to spend time with my wonderful dad, but no worries, we will soon enough! Evan had a blast playing in Grammy and Pop's back yard. It actually was pleasant outside, so we didn't mind Evan running circles in the back yard. He had some new golf clubs to play with, though, I think the older boys had more fun with them. Of course, Evan had to play with some bubbles while he was there. Too much fun!!
Happy Father's Day!

Daddy and Evan!
Playing with Daddy's helicopter!
Rain or shine, Evan wants to play outside!

Loving on Lola!
'Ook, Ook, it's Lola!'
Nice petting....

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Evan's FIRST haircut!

We finally took Evan for his first haircut. I can't believe he lasted until almost 17 months. We wanted to go to this cute little place off 121 called Groovy Kids Cuts. We went in and it was a precious little store. Each station had it's own TV and one side of the store had video games the kids could play WHILE getting their hair cut. Talk about tricky for the stylist. The other side of the store was geared toward little kids and had the cute cars and animals that you could sit in while you are getting your hair cut. This side also had tvs the kids could watch. Very kid friendly atmosphere. Well, the place was packed at it was over an hour wait. We didn't want to wait that long, so we thought we would try another place on 121.

Mark drove us to a place called Snip-its! It is also a cute little store, but not as fun as Groovy's. Our stylist was wonderful. She blew some bubbles for Evan and he loved it. We put Evan in the chair and he was just taking everything in. Then when the lady started cutting his hair, Evan started to lose it. You will notice he is clutching his bunny for dear life in all of the pictures. He also has his pacifier, but that is a whole other story....sigh!! Overall, I would say Evan did really well. He survived his first hair cut and loved that he got a prize at the end. He got to insert a card in this machine for being brave and he received a squirt gun. It was a huge hit! I do have to say that I am very sad my little man looks so big now. I loved his curls. I miss running my fingers through he long hair to keep it out of his face. We all know it is better, especially in this heat, for him to have short hair, but it will take a little adjustment from this hormonal, pregnant woman. My little boy is just growing up too fast!!

Bye, bye curls.....
There go the he intently watches tv.
Alright, now he realized what is going on.
Trying to recover as she finishes...
Last minute touches!
Big boy with short hair!
Saying 'Bye.bye!' to snippy!
Loving Snip-its now that he can play!

Cathy and Nini Visit!

Cathy and Nini came for a few days to visit. We had a blast. We went to eat at our favorite place, Babe's. Evan did the hokey pokey with our waitress and didn't even cry. We were shocked. During the day, we went to Allen Outlet Mall. It was our first time out there and they have some great stores. We got Evan some shirts at Gymboree for two, yes TWO, dollars! Evan really enjoyed having Nini and Cathy to play with. After they left, he kept going to their bedrooms and looking for them. It was kind of sad, but really cute. He loves his family. 

We had some rain this week and Evan really enjoyed playing in it. He was splashing in the puddles and playing with Troy dog. It was cute! I got some great pictures of him. 

Being a big boy!
Playing peak a boo!
It's time to chase!
Playing on the train at the outlet mall!
Driving the car!
Sad Nini and Cathy are going to leave!
I love the rain!!
This is so much fun!
Splashing in the rain....
So happy!
Wet and happy!
Playing with his buddies at the park!
Meanest stare possible??
Having a good time snacking.