Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Well, today was a bittersweet day.... 
Evan graduated from speech therapy! I am so proud of him. He was assessed today and measured at exactly 14 months. There were a few milestones he hasn't hit: making 4 or more animal sounds and identifying three body parts. Otherwise, he was right on track. I can't believe that he is already out and I am honestly a little afraid. He has made such great progress with his language, but it's because I've had someone to tell me what to do with him each week. Thankfully, our wonderful speech therapist is going to send me activities we can do with him up to 24 months. I know Evan will continue to thrive, but the mom in me freaks out that she now has to do this on her OWN. 
Hooray Evan!

Being silly...
Happy to be 14 months!

15 weeks. Hard to believe it's been 4 months!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bluebonnet FAIL

Well, we finally made it out to the bluebonnets. I should have waited until next weekend though. Evan still is not 100%, although he is feeling a lot better. He did not like the bluebonnets. He kept reaching for mom or dad. We tried distracting him with goldfish, but he didn't even want to eat those. We also had his little duck (that he stole from Aunt Cathy) and he usually loves to hug it. The duck helped for the first picture, but then he threw it in the bluebonnets and we had to search for it. I am just so bummed that I didn't walk away with any good pictures. We MIGHT try again when Evan is feeling better, but until then, here are the pictures:

The sun is in my eyes!

SO happy to be leaving!
Daddy and me!

Mr. Duck

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It finally happened...

I knew it would happen eventually, but I was sure hoping we could get to two without it. I took Evan to the doctor today because he's had a cough going on for about two weeks. I figured there wasn't anything they could do about it, but I wanted to go ahead and get him checked out. He had been acting pretty normal. Maybe a little grumpy, but his molars are coming in. He still has a clear runny nose to accompany his cough., but again nothing that seemed too serious. Well the doctor checks him out. Says his breathing is perfect. Luckily there was nothing in the lungs. BUT. He has a double ear infection. I felt terrible because I had no clue. I am so thankful that Mark persuaded me to take him in, but still in shock that it was his ears. He hasn't been tugging them or anything. He was prescribed some amoxocillan, so in a few days he should be healthy again. Glad it is such a quick fix! I can't believe what a tough little cookie I have. Mark and I are both such wimps when we are sick. I guess Evan doesn't take after us, thankfully!

In brighter news, when we were leaving the doctors office, I let Evan grab a sticker. He pushed through the pile and decided on a kitty sticker. It was very girly, but hey it was his choice. He picked it up. Put the kitty to his lips and said 'muah.' It was so cute the receptionist even laughed. 

Mom please don't take pictures of me. I am sick!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Better late than never!

Well, Mare, I am sorry! I meant to make a wonderful happy 20th birthday post for you, but Evan didn't want to! I spent about an hour trying to get some cute pictures of him, but he wasn't feeling very good. Better luck next year! Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Here are the best picture of Evan. I had to throw Troy in there because at least he would sit still :)

We love you!

Kissing his 'puppy'
This sums up our photo shoot!
Mom, too many pictures!!!
Cool dude!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wonderful weather

The weather has been great around here, so we have been trying to do a bunch of outside activities! We went to the park recently. Evan still loves to swing, but also loves to just roam around the playground. He spent most of his time snacking and walking. This boy just loves to have a full belly! Also, Evan is getting both of his top molars. They aren't poking through yet, but his poor gums are very swollen. Thankfully, it isn't messing up night time sleeping, but we are having trouble with naps. He also has become picky about what he is eating and I wonder if that has to do with his teeth as well. He had a fever on Friday, so we thought they might try to break through, but no luck. Hopefully we will have some teeth soon, but at least Evan is being a champ about it. 

Today, we went over to Grammy and Pops' house. Evan had a great time in the back yard. He was watching the squirrels and birds. He loves to point and laugh at them. Grammy and Pops were also nice enough to buy Evan some bubbles. He had a blast watching the bubbles blow in the wind. Now he is in bed. He has a very busy day!

Bubbles in the back yard!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's a ......

Mark and I went to the NT scan today. Basically, it is a blood test and an ultrasound preformed by a specialist to look for chromosomal abnormalities. We won't know the full results until Monday, but we have some of the test results and it all looks great.  The neck measurement was 1.9 which is wonderful. Anything under 3 usually means no chromosomal abnormalities.We also saw the nasal bone, brain, and heart beating. The baby had a heart beat of 160bpm.We even saw a few kicks and stretches. So cute!! AND drum roll please. Doctor is over 90% sure that it is a girl!! It is a little early, so we will have to wait seven more weeks to know for sure!

In other news, Evan had some fun with my teacher buddies on Monday. We all went to Southlake Town Square, had lunch, and walked around for a while. 

Lunch with the ladies and babies!

Eating at Cheesecake factory!
Evan fell on his face :( What a tough cookie!

Baby E sucking her thumb!
This is a potty shot. No big nub in between the legs.....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Evan loves Mommy!

Evan went to the doctor with me for the first time.Thankfully, Mark was there to occupy him. It was really interesting to watch Evan. He started crying and wanting Mommy when the nurse put the doppler on my belly to hear the baby's heartbeat. I guess he thought that she was hurting me. It was really cute, but kinda sad. Mark had to take Evan outside when the doctor came in because we figured he would not be happy about it. The appointment went well. I lost 7 pounds during my weeks of 'morning sickness.' I'm sure I'll put that back on real soon!! I already have a belly! I can't believe it, but I knew it would come sooner since it is our second! 

Evan took a huge crash on Tuesday. You can see it a little in his picture. He face planted into the bedside table in our bedroom. I felt terrible because it was a 'watch it happen, but can't stop it' moment! Thankfully a few hugs and snuggles cured him. He now just has a nasty bruise to show for it. Poor guy!