Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pumpkin Patch with Friends

Pumpkin patch round two. We had a blast with our friends! Evan still loved feeding all of the animals, but I think he had more fun because he got to share it all with his friends. Liam and Evan loved chasing the chicken around. The also loved listening to cow moo and watching the tractor go by. Evan got to pick his very own pumpkin, so that was a big deal! It was a fun day! Evan was so exhausted he fell asleep on my lap when we got home. Love days like this!
Feeding the longhorn.

A little unsure.

"Mommy, you do it."

Chilling in her stroller.

He loves it!!

Goats love him.

Sitting on hay..

Mom, its too bright!

Yep, getting two kids to smile is impossible!

Hay for you too!

Boy heaven!

Evan and Liam on the hay ride.

Margaret on the hay ride.

Probably the only time they will sit this still!

Searching for the best pumpkin.

Nope. not it.

Yes, this one!


Who knew, the carwash is the place for fun!

Just some random pictures of the kids. We did go to the carwash one day and both of the kids LOVED it. It is sort of free entertainment...haha! Meanwhile, Mark and I went to Vegas for a quick get away. Grammy and Pops were nice enough to watch the kids while we were away. Mark and I had a blast, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right??

Evan looks like an angel here!

Evan said, "Mommy picture of big hug!"

Walking at the carwash.

Fascinated by the car wash.

Playing with napkins.

Hanging out at the house! Loved the kids faces...


"Hi mom!"

"Mom, brother poured water on me! Help!"

Vegas, baby! (Thanks Jamberry)

So much fun with my love!

Fried Twinkie and fried Oreos. Was not a fan of the twinkie...

Kissy, kissy!

Margaret's birthday party!!

Boy did we have fun!!! Thanks to all the family and friends that could come out. It really means the world to me! I loved watching the kids of all ages play and a little adult conversation was nice too! Special thanks to Nini and Bob bob and Grammy and Pops for helping me get everything ready! Margaret had a blast. She loved all the attention and love!

Thanks again to everyone!!!!

Margaret's favorites: Peas, bananas, and cereal.


It isn't a balloon party without balloons!

A Margaret mantle.

Party favors.

Smash area.

Adorable cupcakes.

A year of Margaret.

Margaret's balloon dress and matching shoes.

WOW, what a happy non-birthday boy!

Loving the cake.

Happy birthday to you!


She loves them!!

I love my daddy!

He ate too many cupcakes.

Aunt Mare helping Margaret play with balloons.

Playing with friends.

Where is Brit?

Playing with balloons.
The green gang.

Love this lady!

Pops, Daddy, and Margaret.

Uncle Matt and Margaret.