Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy 2.5!!

Evan had his half year check up.

30 lbs (53rd percent)
34 in (10th percent)
19.5 in head (57th percent)
BMI 91st percent

We have a short, big boy on our hands! He was so good. He got to stand on the big boy scale and measured on the big boy height chart. He was so proud. They also tested Evan's hearing and vision and he did great. They saw something in his left eye, but think it was just because Evan wouldn't look at it long enough. Also, it turns out that Evan doesn't have horrible eczema, he has keratosis pilaris. It can't be treated, so we just have to deal with it. Bummer. It should go away with age.

2.5 years....

I'm outta here

Don't mess with me

Love that sweet smile

'Mommy no'

loves his trucks

Evan's treehouse

He loves it!!

Loves 'woof'

Daddy remade his tree house. He loves it.
Cool dude at the doctor.
Playing together while we wait for the doctor.


We had a great day at Sea Life!!

He loves fishies..

Daddy and son

Look mommy!

He was scared of the sting rays.

He LOVES turtles!

The kiddos.

Watching fish!

Jelly lights.

Not a fan of the jelly fish.

Pretty fish!

Daddy and son on the shark walk.....

Long day...

What a cutie!

Evan splashing Margaret...

Remember to stay hydrated!

Margaret's new shoes.

I like to start shoe addictions early!

My precious little lady playing with a car! She will be a tom boy!

Happy 10 months!!!

Happy 10 months to my precious lady!!! I can't believe we are two short months away from celebrating her first birthday! I tried to have a mini photo shoot with Margaret, but she wanted nothing to do with it. I even did a wardrobe change and she still didn't cooperate.
Margaret is finally sleeping through the night! 12 hours! She goes to bed about 6pm and gets up about 6am. She can sit, crawl, stand, and cruise. She did take two steps while we were in Longview, but hasn't since. She does this funny thing where she will stand and then just fall on me. She then starts laughing. No clue why she thinks this is so funny, but she will do it over and over. The good news is walking seems to be on hold. Margaret is still in size 3 diapers and wearing 12 month clothing. She is pretty tiny though because in the pictures below she is actually in a 6 month shirt. Still only has two teeth, but I think the top two are on there way. Margaret is a human garbage disposal. I don't think there is anything that she wont eat.
 Evan had soccer practice later that day, so we went for a fun treat at Chickfila, then off to soccer practice. So glad Evan loves it!
10 months

not happy

silly lady

love this face

deep in thought

wardrobe change...

Love when these two play together

10 month comparison


Soccer practice. We love coach Lynsey!

Love this outfit, but its too small...

My starbucks date. How cute is he?

Evan fell on the door frame. Poor guy!