Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trip to Longview!!

Well, we made it! On Friday, we left for Longview. It took us over 4 hours to get there because I decided it would be a good idea to leave town on I-35 at 3ish o'clock. BAD idea! We did not even get out of Dallas until 5:15. Once we got out of the DFW area it was smooth sailing. Evan was a great car rider. He slept the entire time and was such a trooper!

Saturday, Mark and I left Evan alone for 4 hours with Nini and Grandpa! Evan of course had a fantastic time hanging out with his grandparents. I, on the other hand, had a little trouble when we first left for Shreveport, but once we got to the wedding, I was happy to be an adult for a while! I did forget, however, when you haven't had anything to drink for 10 months, just 2 glasses of wine, might make you a little silly. Oops! **Congrats to the newlyweds Jason and Elizabeth! A beautiful wedding!

Today, we headed home and this ride wasn't as smooth, but Evan was still great. About half way home, Evan decided he was hungry. I had to sit in the back seat with Evan on one side and Troy on the other. Not the most comfortable way to travel!! Thankfully, we were prepared with a bottle, and after about 20 minutes of letting him eat, he was once again a content passenger.

All in all, we had a fabulous weekend. It was great to go to Longview. I will miss passing Evan off to Nini because he seems to save all of his spit up for her. Thanks mom! Evan also loves to save his leaky diapers for grandpa. We rarely have leaky diaper at home, but Evan was sure to pee on Grandpa as much as possible. It was also very strange to be in a house where your parents raised you with a kid of your own. I don't really have the words to describe it, but it was a very interesting feeling! The song circle of life comes to mind...

While we were there, Evan got to meet a lot of great Longview friends. Apparently, he also learned some life secrets from some of the ladies. Although, he won't share them with me! We are very glad to know that we can actually travel with Evan and the dogs. Of course it wasn't easy, but we did survive and it was well worth it!

1 month old!
Carseat on our way to Longview!!

Sleeping in my room. How weird is that?

What an angel!

We call this the Elvis. Surprise, Mark can do it too!
Look closely!
I guess we woke him up too early!
In the carseat, on the way back to Dallas!
He was awake for this trip, but still very happy!
Home, but not too happy about it!
"Thanks for the milk, mom!!"
Some one is sleepy!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

4 weeks!!

It is so hard to believe that Evan is about to be a month old. My how time flies! It seems that with each day things are getting a little easier with Evan. In fact, today I was brave enough to take Evan out on a walk by myself. The walk went really well. Evan was looking around the whole time and seemed very happy to just ride along. Our walk lasted 30 minutes, so way to go Evan!

This past weekend, Evan went out to eat with his grandparents. We all went to Rosa's. Yes again! But it is close and yummy! This time we went inside to eat and had a great time. Of course, Evan slept the entire time.

Mark and I will be going on an adventure this weekend and traveling to Longview. We are very excited, but nervous too! You never really know what to expect when you have a little baby!

I had to give a picture of our other "babies."
Here is Lola!!

Someone did need a time out :)
3 weeks and 6 days.
Still sleepy...
3weeks and 4 days.
Loving his swing!
4 weeks!
Look at his hands....
He held them like that for about 10 minutes.

Looks like he is already practicing throwing a baseball!

My little chunker!
4 weeks!

Getting ready to head outside for our walk.

"Mom, it is too bright out here!!"

He is already making silly faces in photos!

Here of course is Troy and Evan!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Evan's first outing!

We finally had the guts to take Evan out. We were having Uncle Matt and Lindsey over, so we needed to pick up a few things for dinner. Evan did really well while we were at super target. He was just staring at everything around him. We stopped by Rosa's on our way home, so Evan also enjoyed his first drive thru experience, too! I was very proud of him and now I am excited to take him out again.

Evan at 3 weeks.
Trying to get his golf pants in the shot :)

Love the sleepy face!

My growing boy.

Loves to sleep with his hands on his face!

He is awake more and more now!

3 weeks and 2 days!

My upside down picture of Evan
while we are going through Rosa's drive thru.

Heading inside super target!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We went outside!!

It is funny how once you have a baby the simplest task becomes a milestone.

Since the weather is finally not freezing, we decided it would be nice to take Evan outside. We put him in his car seat and attached it to the stroller and off we went. The walk went VERY well. It was windy, but Evan was 100% content. I think I might try it again tomorrow on my own. Brave, I know, but the fresh air is wonderful!!

Other than that, Evan has been doing great. He is a lot more active now. We like to do a lot of tummy time and he is gaining some pretty good movement of his head. He also looks around a lot and seems really interested in his toys and mommy and daddy's face. Unfortunately, he is also learning to grab and loves to pull out mommy's hair. Fun! He has also continued to sleep for 4-5 hour stretches at night. What a good lil' baby!

Evan is almost three weeks. He is going through a growth spurt right now, which keeps mommy really busy, but I am glad he is a healthy, growing boy.

Tummy time!
Not exactly his favorite thing to do, but doctor's order.
Happy Evan!

Mommy and Evan!

Evan and Troy.
Still not sure what Troy thinks about him!
Daddy and Evan!
Daddy's Best Friend!!

All wide-eyed!

No more pictures Mom!!

Ready to go for a walk!

Outside in the bright sunshine!!
Don't worry we put the shade up for him!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 weeks old!

Yeah so I am a little late posting this, but that is what happens when you have a baby! Evan is doing fantastic. We went to the doctor for his two week checkup on Tuesday. I have to thank Sally for going with me! Evan had to have a newborn screening blood test, but he was a champ and didn't really cry at all. What a good boy! He weighed in at 8 pounds 3 ounces. He was 19.75 inches and his head was 14.25 inches. He is a growing boy!!

In the meantime, Mark and I are finally adjusting to life with a baby. Evan is still pretty unpredictable, but we seem to have a pretty good routine going. I know that I am excited for the weather to warm up, so I can get out of the house. Talk about going stir crazy! We gave Evan another bath. This one went much better! Sure he was still upset, but we were lucky enough to keep all fluids inside him :)

That's all for now!
Bath time...I'm happy for now.

Nope, not happy anymore...

Glad to be out of the bath!

Evan enjoying his play mat!

Evan is getting some chunky cheeks!

2 weeks old heading to the doctor!
Gotta love the stink eye!!

2 weeks old and napping on momma!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One week old and first bath!!

Evan is a week old! Hooray! Mark got off work early because of the weather, so we decided today would be a good day to give him a bath. I think all three of us are now traumatized. It all started by Evan peeing on himself while I was changing his diaper. Surprisingly, this is the first time it has happened. Then we took him to the bathroom to put him in his little bathtub. While I was holding him, mind you I was smart and covered his privates with a cloth wipe while we were waiting, he pooped. He pooped in my hand and ALL over the floor (picture below, so be careful). Thankfully, my mom was nice enough to clean it up and while I was trying to reposition him he spit up all over my shirt. The best part about it all is I couldn't be happier. Sure it was gross, but it made for a great experience!

As for Evan, he cried the entire time he was in the bath. We got him clean! Mark was great at cleaning him while I was holding him. Hopefully next time it will go a little better!

Evan sleeping!

Evan is checking things out!
Evan pooped.....

The bath started out OK...
Then he started crying.....make that wailing.

Mark doing a wonderful job!!

Clean after his bath!!