Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Evan went trick or treating for the first time. He had a blast!!! We went with a bunch of his friends. Evan wouldn't say trick or treat, but he would tell them thank you. He was so confident towards the end he started walking into people's houses. Uh oh! He would also grab about 4 pieces of candy. What a crazy kiddo! We had a blast. Hopefully next year will be just as fun! Happy Halloween!!!

Getting ready to go to our first play date
What we did at the play date.
They should be ghost, but mommy didn't them wrong.
Sleepy Margaret!
Margaret's halloween costume.
Daddy is under my spell.
SO sweet!!


Just for fun!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


We had an awesome Saturday. Aunt Mandy and Brent came over to watch the Tech game and carve some pumpkins. The Tech game wasn't too much fun. Tech did play pretty well, but couldn't pull the win out. Hopefully next week will be a different story. 

Any way, Evan was not a fan of pumpkin goop. I thought he would love to pull out the nasty seeds, but he wouldn't even put his hand in the pumpkin. However, Evan does love to eat pumpkin seeds. Mark cooked some for everyone, but Evan ate almost all of them. They are healthy right?? We weren't about to let Evan help carve, so Evan got a tiny pumpkin and colored on it. He wasn't too thrilled with it. He would rather color on the counters and cabinets. Who wouldn't? We had a lot of fun carving pumpkins and while most of us aren't artist, they still turned out pretty well! 

Evan NOT touching the pumpkin....
Our hard work: Brent's, Mandy's, Mark's,
Evan's, and Megan's pumpkin.
You can see a little of Evan's artistic ability!

Brent's awesome pumpkin!
Margaret about to cry...
Margaret....what a face..
Holding her head up!
Is that my nose??
Evan had to be in the pictures too!
Mr. Personality!
Sad face??
Oh wait, I'm happy!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What a crazy life.

First off, happy 21 months to my little tornado. He is a whirlwind of energy! I am very blessed to have such a ball of fire in my life! He keeps me on my toes.

Second off, life is CRAZY!! Let me just give you a brief view of my day today. It started at 5am when Evan decided to get up. He was cranky as was I. Later that day, he was so cranky he wouldn't let me put a diaper on him. Margaret was crying, so I figured 'oh well' he can go diaper-less.  BAD, bad idea. Evan is playing with Troy in our closet while I am pacifying Margaret. Evan comes to me with something in his hand and keeps saying yuck. No biggie, right? He brings me bugs, lint, food, ect. all the time. Well, he hands me what looks like chocolate. I take it and tell him thank you. Then it all clicks. He just handed me poop. I set Margaret down and go into the closet. Sure enough, Evan has pooped (and peed) in the closet. We flush his poop down the toilet. I try to clean what I can, but Margaret starts crying, so I leave the mess. I calm Margaret down, clean the closet, and then get a diaper on Evan. AND that is just a quick ten minute view. Fun times here! 

Margaret's birth announcement.
1 month old!
Becoming more alert!
My angel!
Still sleeping!
Oreo + 21 month old = super messy
He loves them though!
Probably thinking about eating MORE oreos.
A moment of peace.
Thank you for baby signing time!
My Red Raiders!!!
"Mom, get this baby OFF of me."
GO tech! 
Day dreaming...
Loves to kiss his sister.
Happy 21 months!!
These photo shoots are getting really fun......