Friday, September 11, 2015

Pictures of summer (part 1)

Part of our summer in pictures!

Splash pad fun

Margaret always getting into trouble. She pretends she is a baby and sleep in her drawers....

Or the floor...

Another night...

First day of summer camp at my gym.

Evan had a great week at camping camp.

Fun with friends.

Glow jump! The kids loved it.

They love target.

Fun with non-washable markers. Oops.

He was suppose to be a ninja turtle. 

Grammy and pops at the museum.

Our little builder,

Mr belly.


He can always convince her to share.

But he usually will share back...

Fun at little elm.

Had to visit the ice cream truck.

Evan wanted a sno cone instead.

His first face painting.

Summer time means pool time.

And splash pads.

Evan loves e water cannons.

More fun at Grammy and pops.


Fun at the coop when it is too hot outside.

His big tower.

Fun with Troy.

They love riding the grocery store horse.

Yee haw!

A little mall fun!

And some shopping.

Bath time fun with Troy.

Forth of July.

I straighened Margaret's hair...

Doesn't really look like her.

Such a spunky little girl.