Thursday, January 31, 2013

A day at the park!

Well, today was an eventful day because Mark had his minor procedure done, so I tried to keep the kids out of the house as much as I could. We went to the store in the morning and thankfully both kids were great. They both went down for a nap and when they woke up when went to the park. Evan loved it. He wanted to go down all the slide by himself. His sweet face would look so scared as he was going down, but once he got the the bottom he would scream 'more' and race up the stairs again. It was priceless. While we were there Evan, of course, wanted to swing. He loves going really high! He even tried out the big boy swing, but he didn't like it. Margaret was a good sport through all of this. She just played in her carseat while Evan ran his off his energy. 

The big news of the house is Margaret rolled over. She rolled from back to belly first and once on her belly she rolled back on her back. She is a rolling machine. Margaret is also working on her upper body and gets into the crawling position a lot. She better not be thinking about crawling any time soon! 

Mom, look at me!
Big boy climbing!
Going town the twirly slide.
Up and down the stairs!
Loves to swing!
The BIG slide!!
He wanted to sit in the big boy swing!
Just playing!
A view from a toddler..scary!
Loving my man!
She loves to chew things!
She keeps scratching her face! Poor thing!

Monday, January 28, 2013

2 year well visit

In the excitement of Evan's birthday, I forgot to mention his two year well visit. Evan is healthy! They did a height projection for us and he is projected to be about 5'6". I know you can't trust those things, but I am hoping he will be a little taller than that. Evan weighed 26 pounds. He had actually lost weight since his 18 month check, but nothing that made the doctor worry. I don't remember exactly but I believe Evan was in the 25% for height and the 50% for weight. Usually I get a hand out about it, but going to the doctor with two kids is not fun or easy! The other thing we talked about was Evan's cough that he has. It has been going on for close to two months and it's either allergies or asthma. We are going down the allergy road first and have him on claritin daily. We are hoping after two weeks it has cleared up. If not, we will probably do some allergy testing, but for now we just have to wait and see. 

Here a some picture from the party taken by Grammy and Nini!

Mr. Construction
Loves gummy worms!
Blowing out his candle.
Margaret and Bob bob.
Pops, Margaret, and Uncle Matt!
Evan loves his Uncle!
Best buds!
Before the party loving his Grammy and Pops time!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy 2nd birthday, Evan!!

Wow! I can't believe that my little baby boy is two years old. Where has the time gone? He is growing up into such a loving and wonderful boy! He loves everyone so much. Loves to give hugs and blow kisses! Evan is also a goofy character. He loves to show off his shocked face, strong man, and squint man. He throw his head back when he giggles. His language is impressive and he is starting to share his toys. I am so proud of him and just pray that God continues to bless his life. 

Evan had a blast at his construction party. He loved seeing all of his friends that could make it! Evan did great at opening his gift and loved every single one of them. Thanks!! His favorite right now is the house that his grandparents gave him. He spent all day in it. I am just glad the weather is nice, so he can play in it. 

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the party. It really means a lot to get to share Evan's special day with people we care about. Also, a special thanks to my parents and Mark's parents for helping out. With out them there is no way I would have been able to throw Evan such a great party! 

We are truly blessed!

Construction hats and cone cups for the kiddos!
Party favors: Dump truck with dump truck crayons.
2 layer striped cake I made myself!
The second cake I made because everyone loves cake.
BUILD you own sandwich tray: Tractor and dump truck theme.
Boulders in a dump truck.
Red paint and white paint.
Wouldn't be a birthday party without dirt!!
Jack hammers: Celery and carrot cups.

The kids playing.
Nini and the birthday boy!

Playing with his new tractors!!
He loves taking these pictures.....
The best one!
Playing in his play house!
Loves outside!
Peaking out of his house!
His actual birthday!
 Just for fun: