Sunday, December 30, 2012

3rd haircut and stuff..

We've been busy! Evan has learned a lot of new words: pirates, ride, bus, sweet girl, I love you, blue, 1-2-3,   kilff kingsbury, go tech, mickey, jake, choo choo, ho-ho-ho, phone, snow. He still signs a lot as well! Evan loves the wheels on the bus and will do all the motions. I really should get a video of it. 

Margaret loves to talk and smile. She is going to be a social butterfly. She also has started holding onto toys.  Margaret will bring them to her mouth. She is great a holding her head up and tries to sit, but isn't there yet! There is no rolling over going on, but it will come. She loves when Evan comes and talks to her. She is just growing so fast!!
3rd hair cut!
Beautiful curls are gone!
big boy!
I love how Evan will lay like this.....
She is my little princess!
I look exhausted, but want more pictures of me with the kids!
He loves his little girl!
Car car!
That they did!
Can you believe he is 23 months!!
What a big girl!!!

Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. We had a blessed and happy one. The snow cut it a little short, but we still got the entire family together. Made a bunch of great memories!! 
Evan trying to figure out his tablet.
Margaret's first Christmas!
Santa came to visit!
Playing with Uncle Bobby!
Mark did a great job!
My little helper!
Evan packed his new toys in the truck!
Snow with Uncle Matt!

Margaret's first white Christmas!
Trekking on in the snow!
He only liked to eat the snow.
Margaret and me!
White Christmas!!
Daddy and Ev!
Squint man and evil baby!
Evan exhausted!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Gaylord Christmas

Evan loves trains. end of story!!

Christmas cookies!

We made some Christmas cookies. AND by we I mean Evan and me. Margaret and Evan decided to take a nap!! All Evan really liked was eating the M&M's. Oh he ate some dough too! Did he like the cookies??? No way!

Can you guess the ones Evan made???

Our cookie helpers...not!