Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there.

 A special shout out to my dad who has been there every moment for me since I was born. I have so many wonderful memories of fishing, going to the lake, family vacations, and mostly soccer. I miss the days of being a kid and getting to spend my spare time with you, but I am thankfully to have those memories. Now, I love making new memories, and watching you with my kids. I know they love their bob bob and can't wait to celebrate Father's Day with you. I hope you have a wonderful day! We love you!

Of course, Mark, I hope you are having a wonderful day. the kids loved helping you make ribs. They love spending time with their daddy. Thanks for always being there for the kids and making them feel so special. We do a lot of fun things with the kids and I know they appreciate it. Any time you are having a bad day, just think of how Margaret comes running and screaming your name when you walk through the door after work. Her arms are open wide and she can't wait to give you a big hug. If that doesn't melt your heart, think of Evan waving at you, then dragging you to the dinner table because he is hungry, then asking five second later, if he can be excused from the table. We love you so much and wish you the best Father's Day ever. Hope you enjoyed it! 

And, of course, Pops, the kids also miss you this Father's Day. I know they can't wait to see you next week. I'm not sure who wishes you a happier Father's Day, Troy or the kids. Either way, we love you and appreciate all the time you spend with us. Thanks for making wonderful memories with us and we look forward to the many more in future. Happy Father's Day!!

Catch you! Don't play on the tracks, Evan!

The winner. Evan blowing kisses and Margaret smiling
Doesn't this make you father's day better??

Picture for my dad!

Took a million!

Yes I bribed them with a cookie!

Farmers market fun!
We bought some delicious ribs and peaches for father's day!

Fajitas! Yum, Mark you did great!

Can you guess what we will be watching on Father's Day!
Wreck 'em
Spoiler: We lost :(

Had to make some yummy smores!

Love my daddy! 

Last Father's Day!

Daddy and Margaret!

Daddy and Evan! One of my all time favorite pics!

Mark made some ribs. I made some mac from scratch and ore rida made some steak fries.

Look at those curls!! Her mess after devouring some ribs!

Always a mess after meals.....

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Back yard fun!!

Fun at the toy store.
Thanks nini!

Evan got a paw patrol firetruck he had been dying for!

We went to get Nini some new clothes~

So the kids played in EVERYTHING!!!

Evan couldn't wait to play on the ride machine.

Bath fun!!!

Doesn't she look like Michelle Tanner aka an olsen twin??

The kids playing after my barre class. I obsessed.
If you want a great workout, try barre3 frisco!!!

Ran my first 5 and I bought myself a tank. It's the truth!!

She is adorable. Hey I know I am biased

1.5 going on 16. She loved mommy's glasses and driving the car!!! Who is this kid?

I tried cauliflower/carrot mac and cheese. NOT a hit...bummer.

The kids playing in Frisco square after barre 3!

If there is a train, Evan will be there!

I got my first stitch fix!! The clothes were so cute, but most didn't fit.
If you want more information go here:

These were my adorable clothes!

Speaking of clothes: this is how I hang dry Margaret's clothes!

She loves her Troy dog! (and staying up until 9pm)

My new jamicure! perfect for a beach vacation!!!

Daddy, bought a slip n slide so we were having some fun outside!!

Evan filling up the pool!

The slip n slide is ready to go!

Evan loves to walk on it!!
Margaret doesn't want much to do with it!

Swim suit is a little big!! HAHA!

Daddy took a turn!
Evan thought it looked fun!!

So Daddy threw Evan down!

Margaret was mad because she thought she was next!
She didn't go!

Of course, Troy loved it!!

He was eating the water!

Beautiful day!!!

NO TROY!!! Evan wasn't too happy about sharing!

Margaret took safety inside!

We all had a pretty good lazy Sunday!!!