Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mickey Mouse Party!!!

What a great weekend!! My mom came in on Thursday so we could go to Evan's one year well check. Evan was 21 pounds 9.6 oz. That is in the 32nd percentile. His head is 18.5 inches around...we have a big head! That is in the 70th percentile. Then last, we have his height: 28 inches. Poor Evan. He grew ONE inch, yes just one, in the past 3 months. Sadly that is in the 5th percentile. Thankfully, he is growing just perfectly and is healthy! He is completely caught up in his speech according to the pediatrician, but still a little behind according to the speech therapist. Either way he is making great progress and we are VERY proud of him!  

Friday, my dad came into town and we all went out to Babe's to celebrate family! It was a wonderful dinner and fun to catch up with everyone!

Saturday was the BIG day! Evan's party was finally here! We had a great turn out and had so much fun! The party started at 2:30 and lasted until 8:30! That is a hit in my book! Evan enjoyed his cake and loved opening all of his presents. He had so much fun at his party he had to take a nap!! We are extremely thankful for everyone that came to celebrate Evan's big day. It would not have been the same with out you! Thanks!!
Nini and Bob bob!
It's Party DAY!!

Our Happy Family!!!
Are all the presents for ME???
Ev and Brit!

Loving his new chair!
Shots stink....
Just another doctors visit

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Evan!!!

Happy Birthday to Evan! The best boy in the world!

Mom is tired. We had a great day celebrating Evan's birthday!! More details later....

He is not a fan of the chair anymore...

buddies :)

Silly boy!
Watching the kids play....
Chocolate milk for the first time!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Family time!!

We had a great weekend! We spent some time at Grapevine Mills Mall. We started at Sea Life. Evan loved all the fish and it wasn't too crowded. I feel like he could see all the fish so much better since he wasn't in his stroller this time. After the aquarium, we went to some of the children stores to look for some clothes for Evan. We didn't find anything that we liked. Well, truthfully, two boys just aren't that fun to shop with. Next time, I will just have to go by myself. Evan was exhausted and slept the whole ride home. Sunday, Mark smoked his first brisket and it was delicious. Too bad Evan didn't stay awake to try it. Good news is we have plenty left over for him to eat. Evan has really perfected bending over, picking something up, and standing up again. It is so weird to see him act like such a big boy. His favorite thing to do right now is go around and kick balls. Sometime he will even kick his other toys and get mad that they don't roll like the ball does. Too bad Troy also likes this game and has destroyed a few of Evan's balls.

Three more days.....and Evan is ONE!!!! *Tear*

Side note: My camera takes terrible pictures in the aquarium, but I had to post some of them.

Sharing his food with me!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A big day for Mommy!

Well, today was a huge day for mommy (and daddy too)!! We went to church, but we were early, so we decided to walk around the Sunday school classrooms. We ended up at the nursery. Church has always been really hard with Evan, so we thought, why not just try the nursery. We signed Evan up, were given a pager, and were on our way. Evan cried when we left (and so did mommy). The rules of the nursery: a baby is not allowed to cry for more than 10 minutes. If a baby gets inconsolable, they will page mommy and daddy! *Big sigh of relief* Surprisingly, church was relaxing, I didn't worry too much about Evan, and we were not paged. I do have to admit I have clutching the pager the entire service afraid I would miss a page. Once church was over, we zoomed to spy on Evan. He was playing with a toy and seemed content. Too bad he wasn't. You could tell he was upset. He does this sniffle thing when he has been really upset and he was doing that when we picked him up. I figure this is to be expected because this was the first time he has EVER been left without family in a strange place. 

A very big day for both mommy and baby! I am happy to say that overall it went well. Of course it wasn't perfect, but it went well enough that we will try again. Hopefully, after a few Sundays there he will start to love it!

Play date fun!
Stealing Lainey's chair! He was right at home!
New best friends!?

Daddy and Evan putting together his toy!!
Daddy and Evan having fun!!
Evan loves riding his train!!
Evan turns the bathtub water on for Troy to come drink it. So cute!!
Who knew a cup could be so fun!!

Eating a cheese quesadilla!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Cathy!!! Sorry we are a little late! We hope you had a wonderful birthday! Wish we could have been there to celebrate!

Mom, where am I?

Loving his toothbrush!