Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Busy, busy day!

Monday. UGH! Stupid maids. Don't get me wrong, I love that I don't have to really clean the house. BUT, they come at the most random times and it is almost always nap time. I went to the store and took an extra long time, hoping the maids would come, but I got home and still no maids. Gave the kiddos lunch and then but them down for a nap. NO kidding, thirty minutes after both kids fell asleep. They show up. Infuriating!! Enough about that. I really shouldn't complain because they clean my house. Point is, we stayed at home ALL DAY Monday!
Tuesday! SO MUCH FUN! We had a play date in the morning to play with bubbles. Evan had a blast. He loves bubbles, but of course, wanted to play with their play kitchen instead. I really don't understand this boy sometimes. He did do a little bubble blowing and wagon riding, but really just wanted to cook. Future chef? maybe. Future train conductor? ABSOLUTELY! If I hear the words, "ride choo choo" one more time, I just might lose it. I am so glad that he is so passionate about something, but it hurts that I can't have him ride a train again. I have to find a solution and fast!
Anyway, we came home for nap time. Margaret took an epic 2.5 hour nap. Evan took and epic 0 minute nap. He was in a great mood so I can't complain, but really, Mommy needs some quiet time. We later headed out to the 'beach' again. Evan loves to watch the water, but won't get in it. He really likes to play in the sand. He will build sand castle and just destroy them. Surprisingly, Margaret really loves the sand too! She was digging holes! No eating this time, but I was watching her like a hawk! We had really fun day and both kids are sleeping soundly in their beds!
Can't leave him alone.

I'm nursing Margaret and he runs inside like this.
 I put him outside with clothes on....


EVERYTHING must go in the mouth...

Playing together.

Such a cutie.

Watching the water.

Beach baby!



Look at that hole!

Building away with a friend!

Admiring a sand castle!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Funday!

We had a great day! very busy! We started by taking blue bonnet pictures. Unfortunately there were not many bluebonnets. The kiddos were pretty good, so we headed to Fairview beach. Evan loved playing in the sand. I am so excited because last year he hated the sand. Margaret also loved the sand, but she wanted to eat it. We put her on a towel and she would crawl off just to eat the sand. Oh the life we live. I guess we exhausted Evan because instead of sleeping in his crib, he slept in his rocking chair. Cutest site ever!
Margaret also has eggs for the first time and didn't like them. She had a few, but you could tell by her face that she didn't like him. She is such a messy eater we thought "solids" would help. We will see.
Sleepy boy!

Gaga Milk. He wanted to get milk for his sister.

Hanging at the 'beach'

Loved playing in the sand.

What's this?

Look at that face!

My cuties!

Love them!

Daddy and daughter.

Chewing on Minnie!
Loving his crayons!


Trying eggs!

Fell asleep in high rocking chair. What a cutie!

On the monitor!

Pictures in the bluebonnets!

So maybe the correct title would be pictures in the grass, but we tried. The bluebonnets just did not cooperate with us this year. The big bloom was a few weeks back, but we were jam packed with things to do. We finally had time to go and saw maybe twenty bluebonnets. Evan and Margaret were very cooperative, but not at the same time. Margaret was most interested in pulling and eating flowers. Evan just wanted to run around with his horse. Oh well at least they are a cute!
Happy Evan!

All done mom!

Smelling the flowers.

Horse needed to smell the flowers too!

Margaret looking...Evan saw a lake.

Evan picking flowers and Margaret looking.

Oh look, a flower.

I'll eat it.

Let's add some grass in there too!
You would think we don't feed her!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Finally, a free Saturday. We have been so busy lately, it was nice to have a Saturday we could just spend with our family. Evan wanted to go see the horses, so we did. Evan had a blast! He was learning his number and his colors while watching all of the horses. Evan got to pet the horses and that was his favorite. He loved to sign horse and then spit like a horse does. He thought it was hilarious when they would 'talk' to him by spitting.  I am afraid we might have a new obsession.  
Margaret and Daddy.
She didn't want to look.

Evan loved to pet the horse.

Margaret and her creepy eyes. Don't know what happened here.

SO excited to look at horses.

Can you tell he loves horses??

A rare treat: Messy Cheetos!

He is intent about his horse!

A new obsession? I think so!


Well, everyone know that Evan is obsessed with trains. Obsessed doesn't really explain it, but it'll work. He wakes up and basically says "ride choo choo" every day. Then cries because I tell him we can't. Well, I found a descent compromise. Downtown Frisco has a stationary train on a fake track and then a real railroad track behind it. We were there to take Margaret's pictures and since he was such a good boy, we went to check the trains out. He had fun waving at the choo choo and walking on the track collecting rocks like any good boy would do. The cream of the crop was when an actual train came by, tooting it's horn. Evan loved it!

loving the train.

Waving, "Hi choo choo!"

"Look choo choo."

Walking on the tracks.

I LOVE her dress.

Pretty princess after her photo shoot. Now she smiles...

These are when the real train came by.
"Look choo choo."

Clapping for the choo choo.


Hooray, it's a train!

Doing his happy train dance!