Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We had a fun two days so far. Lots of pool time and even more play time. Evan is just having too much fun! More info later, but mom is tired...

Eating at Roadhouse!
I love my nini!!
Kisses from Jack!
Excuse me....I rule this house!
Ready for pool time!
Testing the water!
Had enough of the pool!

So much fun!!!

I love kicking my feet!
My new boat...
Is this how a boat works??
Too much pool water (in the mouth!)
Pool time with bob bob!!
bob bob is SO silly!!
Hose and pool time!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy memorial day!

We had a great memorial day weekend! We started it off Saturday by going to the Rangers game. Boy was it hot! We lasted two innings in the sun and another two inning in the shade before we headed home. Evan took the heat like a champ, but mommy was TOO hot and got sunburned. Boo! We won't be going to another Ranger game this year because it will just be too hot. It's sad because we all really enjoy going to the games! By the way, the Rangers did win in the 13th inning with a walk off home run by Hamilton!

Sunday, Grammy and Pops came over for lunch. Evan had a blast, as always, playing with them. He received a new octopus that attaches to the hose. It looked like something that Evan would love, but he did not. Troy on the other hand thought it was the greatest toy ever. That is why it is no longer in one piece! 

Monday, whew, did we get a lot done. We went to look at some SUV's. We found a few we really like and now we just have to see where we can get the best deal. It is funny how looking at cars changes when you have kids. The most important features to me are now rear air and room for two car seats (and of course safety). Who knew? We also went to look at cribs, I know finally! We found a nursery set we really like. I am pretty sure we are going to purchase it, but we didn't want to jump the gun. It's so pretty and girly!! After all our errands we treated Evan to lunch out. He got to seat in a booster seat for the first time. BOY was that a mistake! Lets just say we will be waiting a little while longer before we move on to the booster. Anyway we got home, let Evan nap. and then Dad grilled us some yummy dinner! It was a great weekend and it flew by!

Look who we saw in our section!!
The Ranger game wore him out!
Happy he is 16 months!
Why are you still making me take these pictures??
Playing with his new octopus....sort of!
Booster baby!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Backyard fun!

Evan is obsessed with the hose. He will go outside and just stand by the faucet yelling more, more! He occupies himself a while, cools himself off, and give Troy some water. It's a win win! We really need to just go out and buy a water table, but for now the hose will do. Of course, after all of this backyard fun, we have to go in a have a bath. Evan has his first HUGE bubble bath tonight. He loved it! 

Also, Happy 16 months to Evan! I will update tomorrow!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What a week...

So this was NOT a fun week. On Sunday (Mother's Day), Evan had a bump on his back that looked angry. By Sunday evening he had two more on his legs. We were thinking bug bites and were not too concerned. Monday morning rolls around and Evan has about ten bumps on his leg. I decided just to take him to the doctor to be on the safe side. He didn't have fever, vomiting, or anything else that would make me think he was sick.  The doctor said he wasn't really sure what it was. He said it looked like chicken pox, but is filled with the wrong fluid to be chicken pox. He then went on to say it might be staph, but he was going to guess it was just viral. I was told to just watch the rash, put cream on it three times and day, and make sure he didn't get anymore symptoms. It was likely contagious, so to be on the safe side I should keep Evan home. BOO. 

So we sat at home all week! I was so sad because we had a lot of fun plans! I was hoping by later in the week the rash would clear up, but it actually looked worse on Thursday. I called the doctor and he said it will probably take 7-10 to look better. Well, that would have been nice information to know on Monday. Anyway, his rash is finally looking better. It isn't gone yet, but you can tell the bumps are healing and Evan seems just fine. We are so excited to get out and about next week. I did put a picture of the rash at the bottom, so don't scroll all the way down if you don't want to see it. 

Loves his yogurt!
best buddies
Just lounging.
Mommy and me!
Watching Daddy make some ribs.
I want to go help daddy!
Sweet face.

The dreaded rash(On Tuesday)!