Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy 15 months!

I am a few days late, but Evan didn't want to cooperate for pictures. Thursday, Evan had his well check at the doctor. The doctor said he looked healthy. He suggested we start trying to wean him off his pacifier because the longer we wait the harder it will get. I really dread doing this, but I know it needs to be done, and the sooner the better. He also suggested that we buy a toilet for Evan. He said most boys wont potty train until about 3, but the sooner we get him accustom with it the sooner he might want to use it. We definitely have no hope of potty training him yet, but I agree with the doctor that it can't hurt to introduce him to it. Evan weighed 23.5 pounds (35%), 29.5 inches tall (9%), and 18.8 head circumference (67%). He is up from 5% in height to 9% so maybe there is still some hope that he won't be too short. Overall, we are just thrilled he is still healthy!

On that same day, Evan moved up to the next Gymboree class. It was a pretty big change. When we moved from level 2 to level 3 it was really just more time for the little ones to explore. Well, level 4 has new songs and new activities. I felt pretty lost, but Evan had a great time, so he will be staying in that class. It was nice to have him in a class where he is actually interested, where as in the old class he was always off trying to make mischief somewhere.

Just chillin' mom!
So thirsty...
Loves his books!
His favorite book!
Sad face...
Best buddies!
Playing with the hose.
The both were having a blast!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

We're 100% sure it's a.......

We went for a gender ultrasound at 19 weeks. My parents and Mark's parents were able to come along. It worked out perfectly to have everyone there for the big reveal. Our ultrasound tech was wonderful. She let us watch baby kick and squirm for a few minutes. Then, she tried to look at the gender, but the baby had it's legs crossed. We were waiting in anticipation hoping that the legs would uncross and sure enough they did. We are having a beautiful baby girl! I think the entire family is excited. We have a wonderful son and now we get to give him a little sister! Life is good!

I love to slide!
Shopping at the toy store....
Riding a tricycle!
Watching his lawn mower.
His first look at his sister!
Happy Nini and Grammy!!
Our baby girl!!

Look at that face!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


What a fun day at the zoo! It was Evan's first time at the Fort Worth Zoo. He loved it!!! I am not sure if he had more fun seeing the animals or hanging out with Grammy and Pops! Evan saw a bunch of fun animals. I think his favorite was probably seeing the lion roar and the giant crocodile that was swimming right by the glass. Though, he really enjoyed watching the penguins and feeding the birds. There was just so much to see and do. Evan even got to ride on a train! He was pointing and saying 'look' anytime he saw an animal. He also learned how to 'roar' like a lion. It is too bad that he thinks all animals roar. We will just have to work on that! Now, Evan is peacefully sleeping after such a busy, but fun day!

Pops and Evan!

Feeding the birds.

Playing with the croc.
What a fun ride!
Elephants are fun!
He is into climbing everything!

Mom, I'm trying to looks at the giraffes.

He wants to go play with the giraffes.

Playing in the kids area. He had a blast!
Evan's first train ride!
The endless pointing! So cute!
Look a cow!
Loving his train ride!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Today was tunnel day at Gymboree and my first thought was 'great, Evan hates tunnels!' Well, to my surprise Evan went through almost all of the tunnels and loved it! He used to just stare into the tunnels and watch all the other kids go through, but this time he was showing all the other kids how to do it. I know it's silly, but I was such a proud mommy! 

In the meantime, Evan has started this terrible habit. Every time he wants me to take him out for a walk he will climb up on his stroller. Then, he gets stuck on his stroller. I finally got a few pictures of it today because it happens at least once a day. I guess the good news is I should be skinny because I go on at least one walk a day. I have an outdoors man on my hands!

Sharing his snack.
Just relaxing
Mom, I am ready for my walk.
Quit taking pictures and put me in the stroller...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Village Fountain/Beach

Today we ventured to Fairview. They have a 'beach' area which is basically 4-5 sand volleyball courts.There is also a tiny play ground and a bunch of sand for the littles to play in. Evan wanted nothing to do with the sand. He kept walking to the board walk to get off the sand. I can't wait for our beach vacation.....
After playing in the sand, we took the kiddos to the fountain area. It was one of those areas were the water shoots out of the ground and the kids run around in it. Again, Evan was just not interested in getting into the water. However, he did love to just sit there and watch the fountains change. I can never get Evan to sit still and he sat for 10 minutes just munching his dried banana and watching the fountains.
Overall, I wish Evan would have played more. He even had his little buddies there to play with. Maybe next time he will be accustom to the sand and want to actually be a boy and get dirty!!

Exploring with his dried bananas!
Sitting outside the beach AWAY from the sand!
Let's go see the fountains...
Watching the fountains!