Tuesday, March 29, 2011

9 weeks!

My birthday was wonderful. I spent the day relaxing at home with Evan! He was a good boy and let me actually relax! Mandy was nice enough to surprise me after work. She brought me a great present with a balloon! Haha I am such a kid, but balloons are fun!! Mark came home early and cooked dinner. I requested mac and cheese! It was delicious. He even crumbled goldfish on top! What a sweetie. To top it all off, I even got a birthday card from Evan! I love my boys!

Our crib sleeping derailed the night of my birthday. It wasn't Evan's fault, but our stupid house. The cold spell caused our house to get really chilly. We finally decided to turn the heat on, but we can't get the house at a temperature that is comfortable for everyone. Our bedroom gets really hot, but even with our room hot, Evan's room can't seem to get above 69 degrees. We just decided that he can sleep back in our room where it is comfortable for everyone! It is suppose to warm up tomorrow, so hopefully he can go back to sleeping in his crib.

On a brighter note, for the past two nights Evan has slept for eight hour stretches. Maybe that is Evan's birthday present to me. What a great gift! I just hope he keeps it up. I love feeling normal again!
Evan ready to go celebrate my pre-birthday!

Can you tell Mark dressed him?? Asleep at BJ's. Playing Wii! He loves the amazing race! He looks thrilled!Asleep. Dreaming of playing the trumpet?? 9 weeks old! Loves his fist!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Family Love!!

Well, what a weekend! And no I'm not talking about the crazy march madness! I am so excited that my parents came in Thursday and stayed with us until Sunday. While it wasn't the most exciting weekend, I sure had a wonderful time. My parents are fantastic! (Mark's parents are wonderful, too!)

Saturday, Mark and I went to Uncle Julio's with both his parents, his brother, and my parents. We were there to celebrate my birthday early and I could not of had a better time. Evan, of course, slept the entire time while we all had the chance to catch up. It is so great to get the chance to spend time with family. They never disappoint!!

Later that evening, my mom took me to get a haircut. I am sad to admit I had not had my haircut since a little before new years of 2010. Sad huh? I went in expected to just get an inch trim, but between my mom and the non-english speaking stylist, I somehow ended up with a four inch CUT. Needless to say, I am thrilled. I didn't want to get that much cut off, but it is much more functional and cuter. Well, at least in my opinion. We ended the night with a shopping spree to Nordstorms. I hadn't been shopping in a long time, so it was really nice to spend some time with my mom doing girl stuff. Thanks mom for a FANTASTIC time! It was much needed! And, just to toot my own horn, I bought a new pair of pants, size 4! Sure, once upon a time I was a size 2, but I am going to be happy with a size 4 now!!

In the meantime, Mark and my dad were at home with Evan. This was Marks first time alone watching Evan. He did an excellent job!! Mark called me once and I could hear Evan wailing in the background. Of course, I cried in the middle of Nordstroms , but Mark handled it well and pacified Evan. I came home and Evan was a very happy camper. I wish I could say the same about Mark, but I think he was glad his baby duties were over for the night. Mark made my night by watching Evan and giving my mom and me some time to do our thing! Thanks Mark! Crib sleeping is still going well! What can I say, he loves his room (and having non-sleep deprived parents)!!

Mom and I at Uncle Julio's. Can you tell it is windy??

Daddy and me!!

Evan! What a party pooper! Happy birthday to me! The big 2-7! Blowing out all the candles! Grammy and Pops loving on Evan! Now you know where the beautiful blue eyes came from! Mark and his mom! Mark and me! I love this guy!!
My haircut!
"Too many toys, mom!"
Beautiful eyes!!
Just hanging out.
Long day celebrating mom's birthday!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Evan's 2 month check up!!

Well, night three of the crib sleeping went well. Evan didn't sleep as long as he had the first two nights, but he still slept for five hours. Plus, he had a rough day getting 4 vaccines, so we will let it slide. ha!

We went to Evan's doctors appointment at 8:50 yesterday morning. He was wonderful as always. Drum roll please: He weighed 12 pounds 3 ounces. Our little chunker. He is in the 70 percentile for weight....The poor guy is only 21.75 inches long. I think that was in the 10th percentile, something quite low! Great progress though for our little guy! Unfortunately, he is probably going to be a short little dude, but we have plenty of time to see. Then, of course, we had the dreaded shots. He really did very well, but it sure was tough to watch. I think he didn't breathe for about 30 seconds after they stuck his leg. I teared up just a little bit, but I handled it pretty well! We have some pictures of him screaming below, so beware if you don't like sad babies. We go back to the doctor again at 4 months. The doctor said Evan looks fantastic, so we are very thankful he is a precious, healthy baby!!

Nini, Me, and Evan before his 2 month appointment.
Evan getting measured.

His first vaccine was oral. Not a problem for him!

Then came the two shots!!

This is where he decided to not breathe for 30 seconds,
ok maybe only 5, but it felt like forever and
he looked so sad.

He is all better now!

His sticker he got from the doctor.

One of his owies!

Sleeping after a tough day!

That wasn't too bad.
I am happy again!

Playing with his toys that night!

Yawning. He was tired after such a long day!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mark and I survived....

Last night we decided to have Evan sleep in his crib. We both put him down and then just left him in his room still awake. It was a very hard thing to do. Needless to say, we both said some extra prayers that night. He wasn't crying or anything, so we knew he was content, but usually, we take him to bed after he has already fallen asleep.

I was pretty tired, so I as soon as my head hit the bed I fell asleep. I am not sure when Evan fell asleep, but he did. He put himself to sleep. I am so happy that it was easy (at least for the first night)!

Then, I woke up at 5 o'clock and panicked. Evan always woke up between 3:30-4:30am. I stared at the monitor for a few minutes making sure I could see his chest rising up and down. He was fine, sleeping peacefully. I tried to get some more sleep, but my body was used to being up already. I think I might have gotten a few more minutes of sleep and then Evan woke up. He slept from 11-5:30. Not bad for the first night in his crib.

Now I can't say that Mark and I are over our fears, but it was calming and a little reassuring that the first night went so well. Let's hope that tonight goes just as well.

In other news, we used Evan's bumbo (sitting assistance thing) the other day. He isn't 100% ready for it yet, but he did well. He has pretty good control of his head. His head would get a little heavy and I would take him out, but all in all he is getting closer to using it!

Tomorrow, Evan has his big 2 month doctors appointment. It is his first round of shots, so I am really not looking forward to it. It was bad enough to watch them take blood, so I am not so sure how I will handle watching him get vaccines. Thankfully my mom will be there to help out!

Any guess on how much this chunker weighs?? I am thinking eleven-twelve pounds, but that is probably a way over estimation. Last time he was weighed was at 2 weeks and he was 8 pounds 3 ounces. We will see!!

Evan 8 weeks and 1 day

Look mom, one hand!

Head was getting a little heavy...
but he still has a smile on his face!!

Troy wanted to make sure it was safe!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

8 weeks old...

Can you believe that Evan is 8 weeks old today? My little boy is growing up so fast. I was afraid that I wasn't going to get any eight week pictures of Evan because he was being a little stinker all morning, and I mean all morning...since about 1:30am. Finally around 5pm, he "relieved" himself and has been my precious little angle again. Now, I need to find some time to get a nap in...maybe just an early bed time tonight!

Well, Mark and I had a very exciting weekend. Grammy and Pops (Bill and Sally if you haven't caught on just yet) came over to watch Evan for a while. Mark and I went to each lunch and watch some basketball. While we were eating lunch, we were inspired by the basketball tournament, and decided that we would head to Dave and Buster's. We had a lot of fun!!! Mark kicked my butt at this football throwing game (which is awesome!), but I took revenge at the basketball shootout! Fair game I guess! The cherry on top was when I beat him at sports trivia. (SHH...He really is better than me. I got lucky, but that can stay between us!!)

Sunday, we decided we would take Evan to run errands. Now we had taken him on quick trips to the grocery store, gas station, ect, but never on a several errand trip. He was such a good boy. We went to the at&t store (I finally got my iphone 4!! Ya!), got Mark's haircut, and ventured to the mall for a few different stores. Evan slept the entire time. I mean the entire time!! It was a breeze. Of course he came home and made sure we knew he had regained his energy, but that is besides the point.

Monday, what did I do Monday?? Laundry.

Then here we are at Tuesday, his 8 week birthday!!!

Happy boy at 8 weeks!
He is already workin' his charm for the ladies!

Dancing and giggling!

"Whoa, what is that thing??"

Evan before our errands on Sunday!

Evan after our errands....

Troy because he is silly!

Evan rolling over at 7 weeks 6 days!
It takes a lot of effort, but he can do it!

Evan at 8 weeks playing with his toys!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Marilyn!!!

Well, I am a day late! My photos wouldn't load for some bizarre reason! Anyway, a very happy belated birthday to my sister who is now nineteen!! It seems like only yesterday.... my cousins and I were writing a song to welcome her home. I was hiding under her crib and telling my parents to take her back. Bobby and I were "feeding" her to the snails or tying her up like a hostage. My how times have changed!!

I know you had a very wonderful birthday, Marilyn. You deserve it! I love you so much! You are the best sister in the world!