Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

We had a great Easter! Our morning started with church at 9:30. We sat in the vestibule because Evan is loud and we wanted to stay for the whole service. Both kids were actually really good. Maybe we don't need to put them in the nursery after all. . The cutest part of church was when we went up for communion. Evan HAD to take his tractor and train with him. He set them on the alter and waited for the priest to come around. The priest blessed our children, gave us communion, and then blessed Evan's toys. It was the sweetest thing!
After church we headed to the Hopper house. Good new, the Easter bunny came to visit. Evan was loving his basket, golf club, and Margaret's bubbles. Evan then went on an egg hunt. He grabbed about 7 eggs before he had to open each one. He found a train in one egg and the egg hunt was over. Choo choo. He just wanted to play with his train. Evan also loved playing with Ammy, Papa, Natnat, and indesy. He really loved playing ball! We ate a delicious lunch, which Evan decided was 'icky.' Silly boy who only wants to eat candy. He didn't even want to eat cake for mommy's birthday!
Margaret was getting tired, so we decided to leave about four. On the way home both kids fell asleep. Too much Easter fun! We had a great Easter and couldn't feel more blessed!!
He has risen!!
Perfect family!

Evan is smilin'

Margaret just wanted to pick grass!

Cute Margaret!

Cute kids!
Evan being silly!

OH the joy of finding eggs.
Opening all of his eggs, so far.
egg hunting with Margaret....

fruit snacks??

hooray!!! an open egg!

He liked to open them with his mouth!
Princess Easter!

She discovered her hand...

Sacked out after easter fun!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mary Poppins!

A little bit of catch up here!! Evan had been loving playing with his legos! We are going to lego land in a week and I am hoping he is going to love it! We also had a scare with Troy dog a week ago (sorry if this has been told already). Mark and I were downstairs and about to take Margaret up for a nap. Our bar stools start shaking and we think Troy got his collar or nail stuck on the chair. Mark goes to check and Troy then runs into the coffee table and knock all the drinks off. We finally get a good look at him and it is apparent he is having a seizure. His hind legs and over his fore legs and he is pooping himself. TMI  I know, but seriously was such a scary sight! We took him to the emergency vet and the doc seemed to thinking he was ok. So far (a week later), we are still seizure free, so we are hoping it was a one time thing.
This weekend. Nini and Bob bob came to visit for my birthday. My parents and I went to Mary Poppins. SO good! I had never seen it on stage and I have to say it is now on my favorite list. It isn't better than Wicked (my favorite), but I really enjoyed it. Supercal..... was my favorite.! Such a cute song! It was such a great time to have a break from the kids and some time with my parents. I don't get many outings like that!! Thanks Mark for babysitting and thanks to my parents for taking me. What a great birthday!!
playing with legos

crazy face

loving Troy at the ER.


Margaret's crazy face

Sitting like a champ

Love on laundry day!

Hair pulling. Margaret's favorite.

The both sleep on their belly. Like momma!

Sad face. Took away an apple!

Nini didn't know Evan could unscrew tops.
Mascara oops!

Love them!!!

Craazy Spider brooch lady....who does that???

Easter bunny came early. What a cutie!!

Daddy said, " I am going to act surprised..."
Job well done :)

Mommy and me!

Is she signing already??

Loving the flowers!

Every time Nini would hold her. Real tears.....

Friday, March 29, 2013

Pre-Easter fun!

My parents came in today to celebrate my birthday. Hooray!! Of course, they brought some fun goodies for Evan. He loves this dancing bunny. Evan would giggle at it, try to kiss it, and then hop with the bunny. What a fun, loud toy.... He also got some cookies. He was lining them all up and counting them "two, two, two."

Evan counting his cookies.

Happy with his bunny.

Loves the dancing bunny.

We gave him a pony tail.

The kids playing together.

What a cute picture. Too bad we were missing Ev.

Margaret's new hat. Thanks Lynn!

The cutest we could get of moving Margaret.

At least she looks cute!

Nini and Margaret.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


We went to a really fun Easter egg play date where the kids got to practice hunting Easter eggs. Evan loved it until he realized there were things in the eggs. Then he just wanted to see what was in all of his eggs. I'm interested to see how Easter actually goes. 

Margaret had a bunch of first's this week. First time to sit for a long period of time. First time riding in a cart with her brother. First time trying to use a sippy cup (she can hold it just right, but doesn't drink anything). First time eating finger food. She tried some organic yogurt melts. She really liked them and to my surprise could easily pick them up. Why must she grow so fast!!!

He loves to pose for the camera....not!
Margaret playing on the floor at our playdate!
Boys being boys!
Easter egg fun!!! 

Bunny face.
First time on the back. Helping me cook dinner!
Is it football season yet??

Loving on my favorite dude!
She found her foot and loves to munch it!
First try of carrots!! 
Sitting and so proud of it!
My princess!
Playing or wrestling. You decide!
Laughing at eachother!
Mr. Serious!
First cart ride together! At first Evan was made,
but I guess he changed his mind.
Sippy cup!
It had to be pink!!
She is coming to get you!!!
Eating her first yogurt melt!

Being sweet!
Being silly!!