Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 5: Fishing and Shopping

We had a great day! The boys, minus Bobby plus Marilyn (you do the math), went on a fishing trip. They had a blast and caught a bunch of fish and a shark! Meanwhile, Bobby, Mom, the kids, and I, all went to the awesome outlet mall in Destin. The drive was about forty five minutes, but well worth it. The first stop was the Disney store. We bought Evan two cars for 8 dollars. Of course, he was looking for choo choo's, but thankfully he was happy with a race car and a fire truck. After that Evan was game to go to any store. We did stop for a cookie, but that was only because he was being so good. A bunch of shopping ensued and then lunch. Evan loved his pizza. In a typical Evan style, he ate of the top and left the rest. After pizza, we went to a few more stores, and headed home.
On the way home, we stopped at the Donut Hole. Best donuts and pie ever. I think I gained five pounds just sitting in the parking lot.
We got home. Met up with the fishing clan and cooked dinner. Mark and Blake cooked their fish, some ate it, and some didn't. The rest had hot dogs and pizza! What a dinner!!

Just like her mom. Loves to shop!


So tired.

x 2!!!

We missed Cathy!!!

Our haul!

Love the non-looking kiddos!

My princess!

Stiff arming. Football fan already.
Evan and his great picture taking.


Will you play with me???
"NO, Gaga, my milk!!"

In your face, I will drink it!!


Double fisting it!!!

The boys cooking fish!!

Beach sunset!!! AHHH!

Reel it in!!!

Good job, Mark!!!

Way to catch them!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 4: Gulfarium and Dinner

NO beach today. After Evan's water escapades, we thought we would give him a break. Mark and I took the kids over to Fort Walton's. There is a lot of fun stuff to do there, but we decided on the Gulfarium. It is basically a large outdoor aquarium right on the beach. It was a really neat place, but Evan wasn't quite old enough to enjoy it. He liked to watch the 'meows' (sea otters) and the dolphins, but he was afraid of the alligators. Evan was precious when he saw the baby alligators. He went up to them and said "aww teeny" and then lifted his shirt up to give them milk.
After the Gulfarium, we walked next door to a cute restaurant on the beach. I think it was called Anglers. They had a boat out front that Evan could 'drive,' so he was sold. He spent about 5 minutes driving the boat before we convince him to go inside. We had a great meal on the porch and then headed back to Navarre for nap time.

That night we headed out to a local restaurant and ate dinner with everyone. Evan was in a horrible mood, so he played on the beach while we each took turns watching him. He had cake for dinner that night. (Parent's of the year award??) Not the most enjoyable meal, but at least we all got to eat.
Isn't she sweet?


Evan loved watching them.

He thought they were silly.

Sea turtles.

Evan worried about the turtles and Daddy
looking handsome.

Looking at the map.

I forgot what these were....

The scary alligator.

The baby alligators.

The boat outside Anglers.

Enjoying our lunch!

Blake and Marilyn enjoying dinner.

Momma and son!

Mark playing with Evan.

He loved the slide.

'Weeeee" all the way down.

She wasn't in a good mood either...

Love my brother.

Yep. That was dinner....

Eating a mum mum.

Mark not paying attention.


No idea, but isn't it hilarious!!!!! HAHA!

Petting a 'woof' by the 'boat.'

Day 3: Boats boats, boats!

Another wonderful morning at the beach. We bought Evan a boat thinking it would help him enjoy the water. Not so much. He did go out in the water, but after a few seconds he just wanted to be back on dry land. Maybe next year he will enjoy the water. At least he likes the sand. That afternoon, Mark took Evan on a quick trip to Pensacola, so he could see some boats. Mark also need to see if there were any good fishing boats. Evan had a blast looking at all the big boats, eating ice cream, and having some one on one time with Daddy.
Being cute!

Mare and Blake bought him a new fire truck! He LOVES it!

Ready for the beach!

We bought Evan a boat thinking he would love the water.

Ready for a ride.

Daddy taking him out.

Going good.

Now he freaks out and wants to come in.

He made it back to land.

Just chillin'

Adorable crab outfit.

Hanging in the sand.

Walking the beach.

Daddy took him to see some boats at the marina.

Taking it all in!

Boys will the boys. Mark and Blake enjoying cigars and scotch.