Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fun with Grammy and Pops/Meet the teacher

We had a GREAT Sunday with Grammy and Pops. Too much fun! Evan got to throw water balloons, swim in the pool, play with bubbles, make some ice cream, and, of course, play with Grammy and Pops. He had a blast!!
Thursday, Evan had meet the teacher. He met Ms. Amy and loved her. Since he goes to Sunday school at his actual school we are hoping he doesn't hate it too much. Tuesday will be an interesting day! I can't wait for his first day of school, but I am nervous! Any time I ask him about school he says he is going to play car wash. Whatever works right??

You can't keep him from water balloon.

Like father, like son.

What an arm!


Little lady!!

Making homemade ice cream for the FIRST time!

NO, I did not pass on my shoe obsession!

Love these two!!

Evan got to meet his teacher!!! He loved it!

I can't believe he is a lovely ladybug....

Enjoying school....lets hope it last!

Eating lunch after meet the teacher!
Eating lunch and taking off her bow....

Perot Museum!

We finally made it to the Perot museum and it was AMAZING. We spent the majority of our time in the children's museum. Evan had a blast and Margaret was thrilled because they had a special area for her. We tried to look at the rest of the museum but I forget Margaret's pacifier, so she was NOT happy. Evan got to see the dinosaurs and stars. The two things he asked for, so it was a win. I can't wait to go back!!
The constant mess I clean up. They are now all hiding because
I refuse to clean it up AGAIN!

Driving the truck at perot!

'DINO-soar' an Evan growl!!

He got to build a dinosaur!

Loving the farmers market!!

Playing at Perot!

He found a tent!!! Loves them!!

Looking at the stars!!

Loves the blocks!

Margaret playing in her area!! She had a blast!

MNO!!! Painting!!

Look at these awesome paintings. We had a blast!

Picnic time for dinner!!

Lola had to join in!!

Mark cooking dinner with his helper!

Evan's nap mat. Can you believe it is time for school??

11 months!!!

I can not believe that my little lady is 11 months! That means ONE month away from being ONE!! Holy cow. Where did the time go?
Diapers: Size 3, still with plenty of growing room!

Clothes: 12 months. Some are a little big, but I can't fathom buying 9 months!!

Foods: HOLY COW!! Garbage disposal! Eats anything and everything! Loves fruits and veggies. Any time that anyone has food out she has to have a bite. We are trying to wean off formula and onto whole milk. She loves it!

Speech: Margaret is talking up a storm. I swear she says thank you, look, bye, dada, mama, and she still talks non stop. I just don't understand it!!

Mobility: Margaret is walking!! Now don't get me wrong she doesn't prefer to walk, but she can easily take steps on her on. I think we have had about 10 steps in a row!

Sleeping: Praise the lord. Sleeping through the night! Love it! Too bad both my kids get up at 6 am!

She loves the iphone! Whenever she is in a bad mood, just hand her the phone and she is happy. Is it sad she kind of knows how to use it?? We are raising technology babies in this house...
She loves to clap!!!

Does this look familiar???

Evan, this is MY photo shoot!
Not happy brother is stealing her thunder!!

Her new trick: Using her hand to make mouth noises.

Having fun!

Hooray a good one!!


We went to Frisco and let Evan play on the train track. Don't worry. It isn't a working train track, so he can explore all he wants. Evan had a blast collecting rocks and talking about trains. He is such a boy. I just love it. Later that day, I tried to take Margaret's 1 year pictures, but she didn't want to cooperate. You will see! Oh well, we got a pretty cute one for her invitations.

"Look at my rock"

SO happy!

She wanted to EAT rocks....

So proud!!!

Hard at work!

LOVE her bow!! Too bad she doesn't!
Evan had to be a part!!
Who is that handsome boy?? He asked to wear it....

Almost a smile!
Crawling away!
Stop Mom. enough!
Oh Margaret!!!