Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trick or treat special!

Halloween and All Hero's Parade!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Evan's school?? If you are not happy with your preschool, talk to me. The teachers are great, the activities are fun, and it is all based on God. Of course, there are no Halloween parties at his school, so they have an All Hero's Parade! All of the kids were SO cute. No one in Evan's class cried which I thought was a big deal. They were walking as proud heroes! 

Halloween was so much fun. We were suppose to go trick or treating with all of Evan's friends, but it didn't start until 7, and the kids go to bed too early for that. So, we just went trick or treating around here and the kids loved it. Our first stop was BIG ghost, who we had to drive by every day for Evan to say Hi. Evan would actually say Trick or Treat and Thank you for the candy. I was pleased. Sadly, every house gave Evan and Margaret the same amount of candy. We came home with WAY too much!

Can you spot Evan?

Mr. Fire fighter.

Always so silly!!!

He is going to be the class clown...

Trick or treat...

Who are you??

Thanks Manny for the delicious treat.


I am a giraffe!
I have a cute tail!

This is BIG ghost!!!

This is just Evan's haul......

I love these two so much!!!

Trick or treat!

This is how we roll!

Halloween play dates

Evan hates carving pumpkins. He thinks it is gross. However, he really loves whole pumpkins. Not eating them because that would be healthy, but he loves pointing at them and telling you that they are his. We had a lot of fun carving pumpkins with Brent and Mandy. Of course, Brent is the artistic one once again. I'll let you guess which one he carved. 

We also went to a fun Halloween play date with all of Evan's friends. Margaret and him loved it. They got to play with friends, play some games, and munch on some yummy snacks!!!

Future Mr. and Mrs. hard at work.
I tried to make a spider for Evan. Far left.....
Not a fan..
"Ill just watch, Daddy!"
Yum, had to roast some pumpkin seeds.
Go Cowboys!
Love this guy!
On our way to his halloween play date.
Pin the nose on the jack o lantern.
He loved throwing the bean bags.
Lil' miss.
What's for lunch?

Fall festival

Evan's first fall festival!! It was a blast. Grammy was nice enough to come with us while Pops and Daddy stayed behind with Margaret during her nap time. Evan loved all the sweets at the festival. He also loved the petting zoo. This kid and his animals. He just loves them and thinks they are really silly!
Ready for the Tech game!
Loves animals.
SO sweet with the bunny.
He won a lollipop playing the lollipop game.

He wanted a snow cone! Yum!
Then he got to decorate a cookie.
Mom, I am eating my cookie, don't bother me!

We had a blast!!!

Play dates and such!I

Life is good here!! We stay busy with activities at home or play dates at friends houses!!! Take a look:
Still loves to be worn!

Playing with one of her few girly toys.
Loves horses.
Thanks for the sweater Marilyn!

Super star!
I love this sweet face!!
Sunday funday!
She is so curious!
Loves to look out windows!
Posing sort of?
Being a food steal-er!
They miss their friend Zoey!
Painting art word for the living room!

Looks great!!