Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Margaret!

Dear Margaret,

Happy, Happy birthday! You are a one year old today and Mommy, Daddy, and Evan couldn't be happier. You have blessed our lives for ONE WHOLE year. You may be small, but the amount of joy and happiness you bring us is not. What would we do without your sweet giggle and beautiful smile? Life certainly wouldn't be the same. We pray and wish that you have a life full of joy, happiness, and success, prosperity and love of friends! God bless you, Margaret. Have a very happy birthday!!!

Mommy, Daddy, and Evan


Margaret's unofficial stats!

Diapers: Still in size 3. I think we are ready to move on up, but we have a few boxes from costco that we will use. Plus she is a little lady, so it isn't like she is busting at the seams.

Clothes: 12 months! Sadly, she can still fit into some 9 month clothes. This dress in her birthday pictures is a 9 month bishop. She has a tech outfit that is a 6 month onesie that she can squeeze into. She is definitely not a big girl. I can't wait to go get her stats next week.

Food: Still loves her fruit and vegetables. She prefers them over everything. Bananas are her favorite. She eats an entire banana every morning. She also loves organic O's (honey nut cheerio type food) and blueberries. For lunch, she LOVES to much on cooked carrots, peas, and green beans. It is her favorite lunch!

Speech: Margaret rattles on and on and on. I wish I knew half of what she was saying. Grammy was over here the other day and thinks she is speaking Czech. Honestly, that is what it sounds like. Ha! I need to record it because it is great!

Mobility: She can easily go from a sitting to standing position. She can take more than 6-7 steps, but just wants to crawl. Which is totally fine by me. She loves to crawl because I think it is faster to keep up with her brother.

Sleeping:  Sleeping through the night!!! She goes to sleep around 6 and wakes up around 7am. The naps are getting a little weird because she is in the phase where she doesn't really want to take two naps, but our schedule doesn't really allow for one long nap. This is when two gets tricky. Margaret would love to nap from 12-3, but, on tuesday/thursday we have to pick up brother at 2:30. It just isn't possible. We will get it figured it, but it will be interesting to find what works. 
Yelling, "It's my birthday!!"
I was whistling to get her attention. Can you tell?
Side tracked by Troy!
There is my sweet ONE year old. 
Such innocence! 
Wait, is it Margaret's birthday?? "NO MY BIRTHDAY!!!" -Evan
Having a blast. Thanks Rick and Sue!
Happy birthday to you!
Stuffing her face! 
She loves her new Giraffe! 

Soccer and Grapevine Aquarium

Well, as many of you know, I am coaching Evan's soccer team. Every Saturday morning, we have a game and boy is it tiring. We also have practice on Tuesday. I think that is more tiring than the game, but the kids love it and that is what matters.

Today, we went to Sea Life to celebrate Margaret's birthday. Evan and Margaret had a blast. A lot of their friends were there and they ran around like crazy toddlers. They loved the jellyfish and walking through the shark tunnel!! After the aquarium, I took Margaret (and Evan) on her first merry-go-round ride. Evan loves it, so I didn't really think anything of it. Well, Margaret HATED it. Her poor little face looked so terrified. I guess we will keep the merry-go-round an Evan only thing for now. We had a great day to celebrate her birthday!!! 
Cheering for Tech!
First soccer practice of the year!! He is ready!
A rare sweet moment playing together.
How sweet are they?
Evan loves to watch football with us!
He wanted "woof" to come in!
Loves looking at the turtles.
Sitting in the tunnel!! 
Margaret wasn't too thrilled to be sitting that close to the fish!
How fun to have the place to ourselves. The kids sat in here FOREVER!!
He loves the "DINOSAUR!!!"
Running and yelling on the shark walk.
Margaret has to get in on the turtle watching action.
Looking at the sting ray tank! Her favorite.
Admiring the fish!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Grandparent's Day!!

Only a few days late!! We love our Grandparents!! We were sad to not spend the day with either set of Grandparents, but know that we will have some fun times soon. We love you Grammy, Pops, Nini and Bob bob. You are the best and we love you lots! Kisses and hugs. 

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance.  They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life.  And, most importantly, cookies.  ~Rudolph Giuliani

They are thrilled....

Oh Ev, tell us how you really feel.

There is that cute smile.

Tired of pictures.


Happy Grandparents day!

She got her cookie.

He got to watch rocket. (Little einsteins)

It's football season

It's like Christmas at the Hopper house. Why, yes it is time for football. What a great start to the season. Cowboys finally beat the Giants at home and Kingsbury is looking great as the Tech football coach. We will see come Thursday how good of a rookie team Tech is. Wreck 'em!

Supporting my alma mater

I think she knows the outcome of the games...

Trying to be sweet.

Pony princess.

Love these two.

How cute is Evan playing with Z.

Having some fun in a diaper box.

Cool dude got a haircut.

Go Tech.

'Mom, don't make me sit next to her."

Being sweet.

Happy in her Raider gear. 

Giving hugs!

Haha, my little ham!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

First day of school!!

So, last Tuesday Evan had his first day of school. It was tough on mommy. Don't get me wrong I am thrilled to send Evan to school and I think it will be great for him, but it is tough to leave your child crying and screaming for you. Evan did great Tuesday. Just a few sniffles, but nothing major. His first day went great except, Ms Amy said he had to carry his fire truck lunch box everywhere. He took it to chapel and the playground haha. Can't you picture sweet Evan being super protective over your favorite lunch box? He was excited when I came to pick him up, but seemed to have fun.

Thursday, Evan threw a pretty big fit just walking into school. He said he had fun Tuesday, but come Thursday he didn't want to go back. Again, I hated leaving him, but I know he is in good hands. Thursday, he seemed like he was having a blast when I picked him up. I got to watch him color with his friends until he noticed me. I got the biggest and sweetest hug ever! Moments like that just make my heart swell. 

Day three. It is Tuesday again and the whole way to school Evan kept saying, "no school, go nigh night." He fell asleep on the way to go school, so when he woke up in the parking lot he wasn't very happy. Well, sweet Evan, that is what happen when you wake up at 5 in the morning (not mention you went to bed at 9). He screamed a lot! Didn't want mommy to go, but I am sure he is doing fine now. Hopefully he will take a great nap because he needs it. Can't wait to get him and hear all about his day.