Thursday, June 30, 2011

Apple doesn't fall from the tree...

Yesterday, Mark let me loose on the town and I went to run some errands.....alone! It was great. It is amazing what an hour alone can do to rejuvenate your spirits. Not that I don't love spending time with Evan, but it sure is nice to have some adult time. Anyway, I went out and bought a baby bullet. For those of you that don't know, that is like a tiny blender that makes baby food. I had been using my blender, but I wanted something easier to clean. Plus the baby bullet comes with fun little tools to store the baby food in. Let me just say. I am in love!! Anyone that makes their own baby food, I totally recommend getting one.

So, today I decided to make apples. Well, lets be honest, I was basically making applesauce. It was pretty easy. The hardest thing was peeling the stupid apples, but it is worth it to have organic CHEAP baby food. Evan tried them tonight and he liked them. I don't think it is his favorite food, but he did eat TWO containers of it. A serving is suppose to be one, but he was crying after one, so we decided to give him two. Sure enough, after two he was content. Guess I will be making some more apples!
I forgot to add. Night number two of putting Evan down with out rocking him was good. We had been putting him to bed rocking him for at least 15 minutes. Well, for the second night in a row, we put him in his crib, he moaned (not even a cry) for a few minutes, then fell asleep. Hoping that he keeps this up!

Evan at Grammy and Pops house!! Smiling! Playing with his new toy!
I can fly!
First bite of apples! After first bite of apples.
Not so sure about apples.
Finally full of apples.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cranky Pants!

We had a great weekend! On Saturday, Nini, Evan, Mark, and I went to In and Out Burger for lunch. The restaurant has been open for about 3 weeks now and there was still a 30 minutes wait. It went by really fast and thankfully Evan was content in the backseat with his Nini. We didn't want him to sit outside in the heat while we waited to go inside, so drive-thru it was. Once we got home from that, Mom and I left Mark to babysit, once again. This time he had the middle of the day Evan, so it was a little more of an adventure. I think we were gone about 4 hours and Mark did a great job. Mom and I went to see Spamalot at Fair Park. It was pretty good. Not my type of musical, but it was nice to do something adult-y. We had planned to go to dinner with my mom and dad that night, but Evan had other plans. He was being a fuss face, so we just got Rosa's to go. Talk about a day of healthy eating....

Sunday, we headed to the Hopper's house. We were going to celebrate Matt's birthday and Father's day. Unfortunately, the plans changed a bit and we had a great linner, with the grandparents. It was delicious and Evan enjoyed seeing his Grammy and Pops! Finally about 6 o'clock, while we were still in Arlington, Evan finally became a happy baby again. I am not really sure what got into him the past 24 hours, but glad he is back to himself, at least for a little while!!

Mr. Blue Eyes!

"I want more!"
"What is this??"

Waiting in the car at In and Out!

Waiting in line....

Nini and Evan!

Our lunch!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 months old!!

My baby is 5 months old today!!! I can not believe it. Any way lets back track a bit here and go back to Wednesday.

On Wednesday, we took Evan to his third Rangers game. This one was an interesting game because it was so hot and Evan was so much more aware of his surrounding. The game started off great. We spent the first two inning eating our dollar hot dogs in an air conditioned pub on the Lexus club. Then, we fed Evan and got his diaper changed. By this time the sun was no longer shining on our seats, so we went out to actually watch the game. The first time the announcers booming voice came on, Evan cried. I won't forget it because the announcer was introducing Mitch Moreland to the plate and Evan cried like they told him he would never see his mom again. The next few times the announcer came on, Evan got sad. Finally, he seemed okay with it. Later, Mitch hit a home run, the fireworks went off, and Evan was completely ok with it. We only stayed through the 6 inning and made it home to see the 9th on tv. It was a great trip and good to know Evan could handle it! He is our big boy!

On Thursday, Mark was nice enough to babysit Evan alone, for the first time, while I went out with the girls. This was my first time to go out without Mark or Evan. I had a great time and was greatly appreciative that Mark watched Evan. Thankfully, Evan was a great baby for Mark. Other great news on this day, was Evan said "dada." He, of course, had no idea what he was saying, but he is such a blabber mouth, I am sure other words are coming soon!

Friday, my mom came to visit. More on that later. That brings us to Saturday, Evan's 5 month birthday!

Heading to the Rangers!

Mommy and me with matching hats!
Concentrating on the game!

"You taking a picture of me??"

Watching the game!

5 months old.

Loving my whales!

5 months old and loving it!

Happy dude!

I'm such a big boy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 thanks!!

Well last night we tried avocado for the first time. Lets' just say Evan is not a fan. He tried to eat a little of it, but most of it ended up on his face because he kept spitting it out. We are going to give him one more chance, but my guess is avocado will not be on his menu. He really loves his sweet potatoes, but they give him gas, so its a tough one. I think we will try green beans next. I let me him suck on one from our plate the other night and he really seemed to like it.

Evan seems to be getting back on a good sleep schedule. He is going to bed between 8-9 and sleeping until about 5. Then, he eats, and goes right back to sleep for about another hour sometimes hour and a half. He still has random nights where he is up at 1, or 3, or another odd hour, but that's life, right?

Evan has also learn to make this weird blowing sound. It is like he is trying to say a 'p' almost. He spits everywhere, but thinks it is really funny!

This picture sums up our avocado experience...

Still not liking it!
About to eat.

Here we go...

Not too bad at first...

Update: Well we tried avocado again tonight!! Evan DOES NOT LIKE avocado. This time he tried one bite. He remembered it. He started crying. We had to showel the avocado out of his mouth. So, needless to say, no more avocado for Evan! He had sweet potato again. He still loves it!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

Let me just start by saying Happy Father's day to all those wonderful daddies out there!! A special shout out to: Bill, Bob, and Mark! The best dad's out there!!

We had a great weekend! Mark and I went to BJ's for our "date night" on Friday. Evan slept for a good half of it and when he woke up he was actually very enjoyable. It was a great night out with no near death experiences. Thank goodness!!

Saturday we ran a bunch or errands. Evan was perfect once again. I have no idea what has gotten into him, but most of the time he has been a giggly, happy baby. I have my sweet little angel back, at least for a little while...

The best part about this whole weekend is I think I figured out how to get Evan to sleep his 9-10 hours again!! He needs a bottle at night. Saturday night, we gave him a 5oz bottle of milk and surprise he slept all night. He slept from 8pm-6am. It was wonderful!! So, we are going to try that again to night, if it works, I will be making sure to give him a bottle EVERY night.

Anyway, that brings me to our Father's Day. Evan and I made Mark breakfast. It was ok. Bacon, eggs, and toast. Nothing too fancy! We gave him his gifts. Sadly, one of them was not here yet. Mark then tried his hand at cooking ribs. They turned out yummy. I made some baked beans and mac for sides! The rest of the day we just relaxed. It was 103 degrees outside, so staying inside seemed like a great option.

Well back to spending time with the best dad ever!!

Evan playing with his toys!

Just so you know, Evan does get angry!!
Evan and Daddy at BJ's!

Mommy and Evan at BJ's!!

Evan avoiding sleep!

Evan loves his mommy!

Evan and mommy!!

Holding his bottle....

Happy Father's Day!!

Second outfit for father's day.

Eating my toy!

Waving HI! or maybe doing the claw....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Evan has been a different baby since we have started giving him solids once a day. He just seems a lot more satisfied. He isn't having much. An ounce in the morning and then two ounces of solids at night, but the point right now is to just get him started. I decided to give him solids in the morning after he eats, so I can build up a supply for him in the freezer. It worked out really well today, so we will see how it goes.

We also tried sweet potato tonight. HE LOVED THEM!!! He was reaching for more, taking the spoon out of my hand, and was sad when it was all gone. I am thrilled that he is loving food. We will have sweet potato for the rest of the week and then move on to some avocado. I love experimenting with all these new foods! I need to make some more sweet potato since he liked it so much!! Just don't want him to have too much because I don't want an orange baby...ha!


Messy eater.
He loves my iphone!

Sweet Potato!

First taste....

Thinking about the food...

Finished eating...wanting more!