Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dallas zoo

We went to the Dallas Zoo!!! No one was really there, so it was nice to have the place to ourselves. Both of the kids had fun pointing at all the animals. I think they all loved the children s area the best. Evan got to feed some fish and Margaret go to pet a horse.
A lion killed a lioness that!

Evan 'on the farm!'

She liked to bunny.

Evan feeding the fish.

Evan wasn't to happy the giraffe could come so close. 

He did like the leopard. He kept saying 'meow'

We had to ride the "train"

Daddy and Margaret!!

Random pictures.

Cookie time!!

Painting some pictures!!

They love playing with flash lights

Perot museum

Mark had a day off so we toke the kids to the museum. Mark had never been. We went on a Monday and we didn't know that we weren't allowed in the children s museum, so we didn't have as much fun. The kids still had plenty to see and loved spending an extra day with their daddy
The Perot museum.

Evan loved the dinosaurs. 

Loved pointing at all of them.

He wouldn't stay still because he was so excited about the dinos.

He also loves planets.

Margaret just loved to run around.


Evan had a blast playing the drums.

The only way he takes a nap. In the car.....


Trying to catch up the blog. A trip to longview with just me and the kids!! We had a blast!
off to longview and he fell asleep in seconds.

Stuck in traffic

First time at Chuck E Cheese

Evan had a blast playing all the games.

Future baseball player? He was great at this game.

Nini and Ev.

Loved riding the horse/.

Margaret wasn't as big of a fan.

He loves 'Farney'

She loves pizza.

Evan had to ride the train at the mall.