Monday, February 25, 2013

What a LONG weekend!

So Mark left for his brother's bachelor party on Thursday! They all went skiing which seemed harmless enough. My mom and dad came up Thursday and stayed the night, so it helped ease me into double kids. Friday morning my parents left and I had the rest of the day to hang out with the kids. It honestly wasn't too bad, but come 6pm I am ready to 'jump in a lake.' Both kids are cranky and needing my attention. Well, only one can get it and choosing is hard! Somehow I get them both in bed! Margaret of course stays down for an hour or so and is back up. She finally comes to bed with me and we get some sleep! 

Saturday rolls around and Evan is up at 5:30. Why must my son  be an early bird? I am in a great mood though because Grammy and Pops are coming to help out at 1. They get here and I go to get my hair cut and treat myself to a little shopping! It was wonderful to get some much needed ME time. Getting the kids to bed the second night was a little easier!

Well, Sunday comes and a HUGE snow storm hits Denver. Mark can't get home!!!! I am not only scared about 8 boys driving in a blizzard to get to the airport, but also afraid of going insane putting the kids to bed a third night! Somehow it happens and it is the best night of sleep we have all had! Maybe everyone knows daddy will be home tomorrow.

Monday, Mark is finally coming home! He finds a flight and angels rejoice! I can't wait to see my husband! I manage the morning just fine (even though Evan is in a cranky mood). Luckily help arrives and my parents come for some afternoon play time. They help me feed the kids dinner and get them to sleep (Evan finally got a bath after, mmm 4 days...)! Now, I am counting the hours until Mark gets home. I know the kids miss him and Evan will be so excited to see him in the morning! 

To all those moms out there that do it on your own day in and day out you are a saint! Mark doesn't get home from work until late, but he is always here to help put the kids to sleep and that means the world to them and me! Thanks for being such a great father, Mark! (can you tell I miss you!!) Also, thanks to everyone who helped. I would have gone crazy doing this on my own. I love my family!

From his birthday! I love this, but he had a HUGE booger in his nose!
'Whoa"- his favorite word!
I would NEVER get into trouble!

Showing Nini how to work her phone!
Parenting at it's finest: Watching you tube.
Stare down!
What's brother doing?
Playing with Nini!
Practicing her 'crawl'

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Margaret doesn't want to go to sleep! SO, No time to update, but here are some pictures!!

Evan's new toy! Construction Legos!
Evan loves the jalepeno dip at Chuy's!
Playing with his legos.
Polka dot princess!
Beautiful weather!
Peanut butter!
He loves to swing!
Enjoying the back yard!
What a face!
If only it worked!! He does a great pretend job!
Where is Evan??
Loving the park!
He stole mommy's dinner and put it in his milk.
Margaret is eating peas and Evan was playing peak a boo!
She loves to "crawl"

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just a crazy Thursday!

We had a busy morning. First, we drove from the colony down to the highland park area. Normally this drive would take 30, maybe 45 minutes. Well, in the rain, it was bumper to bumper the whole way and took us an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. We were late!! My mom, Evan, Margaret, and myself were all headed down to the smocked auctions sample sale! The place was packed. The sale started at 9 and we had to park next door. We got there at 9:05!! We dug through bins and skimmed through racks as fast as we could with two kids! It was crazy, but Evan was an angel and just played with his basket of trucks the whole time. Not a peep! We had a lot of fun and got some great clothes!

Afterwards, we went to Krispy Kreme to get Evan (and Nini) a treat for being so good. I was very proud of myself for not eating a donut! They did smell like sugary goodness though. We let Evan pick and of course he wanted a donut with sprinkles. He never ate that donut, but was just picking each sprinkle off and eating them one by one. Evan loved his glazed donut. He would just dig his face in it and not touch it with his hands. He is such a ham!! 

We ran a few errands after that then had to come home for nap time. We were all exhausted, but had a great morning!
Watching the donuts being made.
Still Nini's donut and eating it the Evan way!
Digging in
Pulling off the sprinkles.
Finding us a table with his free donut.
You have to have milk with your donut!
Margaret loved her hat
Bright eyed
Giving mommy kisses!
A sneeze, how fun!
The sample sale.
Evan being such a good boy.
Playing chase
Camera shy
Hanging with the big kids!
Hoarding the pirates is exhausting!
Coloring circles!!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Saturday night was date night! For the first time EVER, Mandy, Brent, Mark and myself went out without kids! It was a blast. We had dinner in the adult part of Dave and Busters then continued the fun downstairs. We spent the majority of our time on 4-way air hockey. By far the funnest (yes funnest) game I have played in a while. Of course, I was the champion, better luck next time Brent! We also played connect four, which was fun, but you have a short time limit, which made the game pretty difficult. Sad to say the boys won this one!

Monday, Mark had off for work. The maids were here, so we went to the mall. You can't go to the mall and not let Evan ride the merry go round. He LOVES it! We also let him play with the trains at Barnes and Noble. He had a great day! 

Happy 5 months to Margaret! I mean seriously where has the time gone. My little baby is growing up too fast. She is loving to chew on toys, talk, and she is starting to sit for VERY short periods of time. Margaret is still rolling over and spending a lot of time on her tummy! 

The big news is I finally got a double stroller. We have been looking around forever, but those things are expensive!! I really wanted a city select, but those suckers go for 600 + dollars! So we opted for a cheaper stroller, but I couldn't be happier! It fits through our front door! I went walking with it today and it is easy to steer with one hand. The biggest draw back is I have no cup holder, but I can buy one. So far I am in love!!

Dave and Busters!

My man (and Brent photo bombing)
Merry go round!!
2-5 months
Such a big girl at 5 months!
Daddy's girl!
Evan and Margaret!

Evan helping get out the yolle (stroller)

What a big boy!
First walk!
They loved it??

So happy?