Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mr. Dare Devil!!

WOW! Evan has become Mr. Dare Devil! Yesterday, I caught him chewing on the light socket. Don't worry we do have covers over it, but still, so carry! Let me just give you a look into the life of Evan.
5am Wake up!

6am Play upstairs: Play with toys for a millisecond then moves on to dangerous things he is not allowed to play with. For example: play under the side table, find any and all cords that are somewhat visible. jump on top of the printer, stand on the stairs, crawl EVERYWHERE, eat anything visible on the floor, try to eat the dogs toys, play with the dogs, stand up on the furniture, eat the couch, pull up on the table, grab everything off the table.

8am Breakfast: eggs, toast, and banana!

9am play downstairs: Play with toys for a millisecond, play in coffee table, swing the swing, crawl EVERYWHERE, play in the dogs bowls, play with the dogs, find any and all cords to play with, cry so mommy will hold him, practice standing, fall over, read a book.

10am nap time

11am snack time: yogurt

and so on......

I can not believe this boy has grown so fast! He is just pure trouble. Of course, I love him to death, but I swear I look away for a mili-mili-second and he has done something! I am afraid of what he is going to get into next!

Also, just want to say. My computer is not working. I am uploading pictures from my phone onto facebook for now. I hope to start uploading my pictures on to Mark's computer, but I haven't had the chance to try yet! So bare with me as I figure it all out! I promise I have a bunch of good pictures coming.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our poor, sick baby...

Well, Evan is sick. Poor baby! It all started Saturday afternoon. He felt warm and had a stuffy nose, but overall was acting normal. Monday, he got a real fever (yikes!) and really congested. That night was pure hell. Evan was up every hour crying because he just couldn't breathe. I felt terrible for him. Apparently, kisses and snuggles weren't good enough medicine...He slept in bed with us, so poor Mark didn't get any sleep either. Somehow, we made it through the night. Today, he spent most of the day in front on the humidifier and it has helped tremendously. We tried to nap together a few time. I think he had one good nap of about an hour! His fever is under control and we are hoping all of this adds up to a better nights sleep. He has been in his crib (humidifier still going) for almost 2 hours now which beats last night by about an hour and a half. So here is hoping that tonight goes better! I don't like having a sick baby because it just breaks my heart.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Go cowboys!

Well, we had a very eventful weekend. Friday night we went out to celebrate Kristin's birthday! We had a wonderful dinner at Chuy's. We had four children there and surprisingly they were all very well behaved. Evan didn't really get the chance to hang out with them, but he still hand fun!

Saturday, Evan and I did some "special" errands. (We were getting some Christmas gifts. Sure we are on the ball, but it has to be done!!) Then, we came home from errands and Evan had a slight fever. We still aren't sure what it was. We put him down for a nap and he slept for two hours, which is unlike him, so we are thinking he might be fighting a cold. Sadly, we had to miss Kaden's first birthday! Evan was really excited about it, but we didn't want to get other kids sick! I am happy to report that Evan is fever free and feeling great!

Sunday is always family day! What do we do on family day? Watch football!! Thankfully, Romo played hurt (about time he showed some heart) and we won the game! I was surprised. Who has Kitna as a backup quarterback? I still don't understand that. *Graham Harrell is available* Evan took a teeny nap around half time, but actually watched most of the game. Mark has explained football to him VERY well!! A future quarterback?? Let's hope so!

In other news, we are working on getting Evan to clap. He watches us and acts like he wants to clap, but then doesn't. I can feel it is coming!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Congrats Evan!!

I was so excited to see that Evan was voted Fan of the Day by the Texas Tech Athletic Department. So for any of you that didn't see it. Here is his picture! I love my red raider!!!

Anyway. Sunday, we put Evan in all his Cowboy gear. He has a ton thanks to my obsessed, cowboy fan, mom! We love it all of course! So, I took a lot of pictures of him in it. Don't worry, next Sunday I am sure I will have more. (Since it is a day game Evan will actually get to watch the game!) Stupid Romo lost the game for us, but otherwise I thought the Cowboys looked pretty good. We should have won the game. Enough about that.

Monday, Evan and I got a chance to go eat lunch with Daddy. We had burgers! They were yummy. Evan had a few bites and a few french fries. Shame on me, I know! Of course, he thought they were delicious!

Today, Troy finally jumped in the bath tub with Evan. I knew it would happen sooner then later because he tries to get in almost every bath. Evan didn't really want Troy in there. He didn't cry, but he kept looking at me like 'this is my bath, why is that dog in it?' Tonight, Evan had his first meal with mommy and daddy. Sure he eats dinner with us every night, but tonight he ate exactly what we ate. He LOVED it. He was lickin' his fingers and searching for more. For dinner we had Italian Chicken, green beans, and potatoes. I think he favorite was the chicken, so much better than chicken paste.....

Dallas finally broke the record for most days over 100 degrees. We have had 70 days and it looks like it will continue tomorrow. The high today was 106 and normally it is only 89 this time of year. We are so ready for the heat to be gone and some rain to come. We need the rain!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mess maker, mess maker,

make me a mess! (anyone, name that tune??) Well, my little baby is officially a trouble maker. I can't trust him anywhere. He always goes out in the pram to help me put the diaper on and get them off the line. Usually he would just sit there and look around enjoying the fresh air. Well, Thursday I bend over to put a diaper in the pram and he is STANDING in the pram. What the heck? He isn't suppose to be doing that. I thought he was going to fall out and nearly had a heart attack. No more pram for this guy!

Friday, Evan somehow maneuvered himself to our DVD holder. He does this weird roll, sit, roll combo to get where he wants to. Not a crawl, but gets the job done. Anyway, he got to the DVD holder, slid open the door, and began taking out each DVD one by one. Eventually he had a nice little pile. I watched him do it in horror. How is my little guy big enough to get into so much trouble?? I guess it is now time to baby proof the house.

Saturday was a great day! Grammy and Pops came over to enjoy a nice lunch with us. Grammy made some delicious banana pudding and Evan even had a bite. He seemed to enjoy it. Who wouldn't?? Evan had a great time with Grammy and Pops. He always does! Tonight, Evan tried to stand ALL BY HIMSELF. He was playing with a toy and the next thing we know he is standing on the toy, then he just stands up and lets go. Standing and then falling to his heiny! He does this two or three time in a row. (Lucky me, I can get pictures!!) We knew he could pull himself up quite well, but to stand up on a toy, then LET GO! Boy this kid is brave!

We are very excited for tomorrow. Start with church in the morning, then an afternoon filled with football, a visit from aunt Mandy, and the Cowboys game (in his Cowboys diaper!!!) to end the night! Can't wait!!!!