Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm late...

Well, I am only a week late, but HAPPY 10 Months to my beautiful baby!! I can't believe he is getting so close to a year. We are just so blessed!
We went to get his second flu shot today and his iron levels re-checked. I didn't know but we had to go to the lab to get his blood drawn from his arm. It was terrible. It took three of us to hold Evan down so they could get the two vials of blood. He was screaming the whole time. The worst part was they tried the first arm with no luck, so we had to go through the screaming, holding down, and stabbing, TWO times. Glad it is over and looking forward to getting the results tomorrow. Evan is now peacefully sleeping off his hard day!!

Waiting at the doctor!

Poor boy recovering from his blood draw.

Happy 10 months!!

WHOA Troy you are in MY picture!

Giving the pillow kisses!

Happy boy!

Not sure what he is doing with his tongue...

Loves crawling on the bath tub.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nothing but pictures...

Playing by the door

My cutie

Gobble, gobble!

Evan's First Thanksgiving

Chowin' on Ginger Snaps

Aunt Mare and Evan

Evan got a pair of toms

Mom, you stink!

Evan and Brittany!

Uncle Matt, Grammy, and Evan! (eating his zipper!)

Evan in a sweater bought by Momma T for Mark!! So cool!!

Games with Daddy!!

I love my milk!

We have our Christmas tree up!

Here, have my leaf!!

Sweet boy!

What's that, over there?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

We are so thankful for our wonderful family, and our newest addition, Evan! We are also thankful for our friends. A special thanks to our newest friends. Evan is so happy to have little buddies to play with. We had some wonderful food! Thanks mama! It was delicious! The pumpkin cake and gravy were the best....*wink,wink* Then, of course, Thanksgiving wouldn't be thanksgiving with out some football! Go Cowboys!! (They actually won!!)

We hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving!!! Many blessings!!

Yum yum!

Pretty Place Settings!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!
Look ma, I'm a turkey!!

Fun times at the Mann house!

Longview is good! Too bad Evan is having a rough go. Wednesday morning Evan was playing in bed and Lola bit his head. Thankfully it wasn't bad, but he was very scared by it. Not a great way to start out our visit. Evan has not wanted to sleep since we have been in Longview. He has been a pain. A sweet pain of course. We have tried everything to get him to go to bed. Thankfully he did go to sleep for about 4 hours, but that is the longest stretch we have gotten from him. Mark and I are very sleep deprived but so is Evan. That is the hardest part because we know Evan is so tired, yet he just doesn't want to sleep. Lets just hope tomorrow is a better day!
Eatin' ginger snaps!
Is that a camera??
My new book from Nini!
Troy loves to play with me!
Smarty pants!
Evan was nice enough to clean up for us!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Family Night

We had a great night visiting with family. Bill and Roy were nice enough to treat us to a wonderful dinner at La Hacienda Ranch. Mark's cousin Karen was in town from California. She doesn't get to see Evan much, so it was nice to give them some time to hang out. Thankfully, Evan was a trooper. He wasn't grumpy at all, despite only having a 10 minute afternoon nap. I am also pretty sure he is getting MORE teeth in, so he hasn't been the happiest baby. Regardless, he sat there and enjoyed his cheese quesadilla. It was a very successful family visit!

Bill, Evan, and Karen.

Munchin' his food..

Chilin' in his chair.

My son, the wood chuck, eats his crib instead of sleeping.....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Having too much fun!

Well, busy again! We have our first speech therapy class scheduled! Tuesday, December 6th. It will be a VERY interesting day because I am really unsure what you do with a 10 month old, but I trust them!

Evan is still trying to walk. He is not even walking 50% of the time yet, but when he walk he giggles at himself. I think he knows he is 'cool!' He has been a pretty good baby lately. Am I even still allowed to use that word? I don't really feel like he is a baby anymore. :( He is growing so fast, but he is really blossoming into his own little self. He has a definite personality. He knows what he likes and he wants its. He is a very happy, go lucky (baby) kid! We love him!

Any way, on Friday Evan got to play with his friends at Liam's house! He had a blast! He was stealing a few toys, but I tried my best to explain how to share....Obviously, we need a little work!

Saturday, we went Christmas decor shopping. The Christmas Shop, a total lie! They have maybe three aisle of Christmas stuff. Not the ultimate Christmas store I was expecting. VERY disappointing! We ended up a Home Depot and got a very nice tree! Then, Evan and I went to Gymboree! He loves it, now and for the first time DID NOT cry AT ALL during parachute time! Go Evan! He is getting ready to graduate and move on to the 10-16 month class!  Growing so fast......


Stealing toys at Liam's!

Hi, mom!

Where is Troy dog?

I love my happy boy!!

Watching Troy!
I don't think he remembers how this toy works....


Mom, where is my book?

Eating naked. Red beans and rice!

So yummy!!

Give me a bath, MOM!

Giggling at the flash!!