Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 26

Yesterday, Megan had her glucose test for gestational diabetes. Unfortunately, she failed the test. About 15% - 25% fail this test with a false positive. As such, she will have to take an additional test sometime next week. The second test typically takes 4 hours to complete (Megan is not happy about that fact!). We will keep you updated, but don't worry, if she does have it, she will just need to monitor her blood sugar and her diet.

PS: Megan's belly is starting to really get big!!! Baby Hopper is about 2lbs!!

Update: Megan's appointment is scheduled for Friday, November 5th. First thing in the morning, so hopefully by 1 she should know if she has gestational diabetes or not. Don't worry we will update you. Also, we will be getting our nursery furniture next Wednesday.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 25

No news is good news!!

Next Monday, I go to the doctor for my glucose test. I am not looking forward to it, but I'll be glad when it is behind me. We should have more to update on next week after the doctor.

Also, we should be getting all of our nursery furniture delivered next week!! Pictures to come when it is here!!

Oh yeah...Mark and I finally deciced on a name, but don't worry we are going to keep you in suspense a little longer!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Week 23 Update!!

Baby Hopper is doing fantastic!!

It was a very weird appointment because we go in and they are asking how we are doing. We reply fine. The doctor does the ultrasound. It takes maybe 5 minutes. He says that Baby Hopper looks completely healthy. Always good to hear.

Then Mark asks, "Well, how did the stomach look?" The doctor looks puzzled. "I didn't know I was suppose to look at the stomach." Mark and I just look at each other. We assumed he had all our paperwork from our other doctor explaining the reason for our visit. I guess not. So, he starts asking us questions about what our doctor saw. Of course, we don't really know since our doctor nonchalantly brought up this problem at last visit. He goes back and does a quick peek at the stomach and says everything looks good. Mark and I feel very un-reassured since he didn't know what he was looking for in the first place. BUT, if the doctor says Baby Hopper is 100% healthy, who are we to not believe him?

We did get some good pictures!!

Baby's Little Feet

Scratching his forehead!

Hand on his face!

Believe it or not....This is a straight on shot of the face. Good Luck :)
Me at 23 weeks!

So all in all, we have a wonderful healthy baby! Thanks for all the prayers!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

23 Weeks

We have an ultrasound on Monday, October 4th. The doctor wanted to send us to a specialist to check out little guy's stomach and bowels. She said it was nothing to worry about (so we are trying not to), but it is just better to be safe and check everything out. We agree! Regardless, we are excited to get to see the little guy again. It is always so fun to see how he changes week to week.

In happier news, Mark finally got to feel our little guy kick. It was fun to finally share all the crazy movements I feel with him. I think it freaked him out just a little bit. :) Also, we finally bought our nursery furniture! Unfortunately, it won't be here until Novemeber 11th. What am I suppose to do until then??

We will update Monday and hopefully have some new pictures to share!