Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home, sweet, home.

Well, my Volkswagen went in again to get the recall part, and yet again, they didn't have the part. I do not understand how this keeps happening. Stupid, stupid, Volkswagen! I will not buy another foreign car. The point is, I was car less again, so that made for a fun picture day. Enjoy!

Just for you Mare! I love you!

Did I tell you....

How much I just love my little guy!! He has had a few first in the past few days. Friday, he tried tomato soup. He liked it. Then, on Friday, he ate some black beans. He loved to mush them and then eat them. Let me just say, I don't think babies can digest the skins of beans..... Don't ask me how I know. *wink*

Saturday, Evan got himself caught under his toy. He can fully get into the "crawl" position on his own, and then sit himself up. Well, he did this and tried to sit up under his toy. You can imagine how mad his was when he could not quite sit up. Poor guy. The good news is, today he tried it again, and just fully scooted under it. (pics to come)

Sunday, he took his first big boy bath. He was just not fitting into his little baby bath anymore and we didn't have anything else, so we tried just filling the bathtub. He loved it. He sat all by himself the whole time. He had a new boat (from Grammy and Pops) that he played with and his rubber ducky! Of course, Troy dog had to come help us out! It was a success!!

Today, Evan tried to pull him self up. He is by now means quite there yet, but the fact he is trying really excited me. The down side is, he gets frustrated when he can not stand and will whine until you lift him up. I am afraid my lil' dude is just growing up too fast!

I am sure a lot of you have noticed, but apparently, Evan has a new smile! I like to call it crinkle face. I am not sure where this look even came from, but let me tell you, it is his new smile.

If you can't tell by the pictures, we are SUPER excited about football!!!! Wreck 'em!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's really, really hot outside!

Ugh. Stupid Park Cities Volkswagen! Saturday, we had an appointment to take my car in at 8:45 for its 40,000 mile tune up and there was some recall on my transmission. I had called the service department on Thursday and made my appointment. Mark and I actually had to wake Evan up on Saturday morning, that never happens. We wake him up and leave by eight because we have to go to Dallas. Once we get their, Mark goes and check the car in while I switch Evan's car seat to the truck. It was a pain and already hot at 9am. I think I was drenched in sweat by the time the car seat was in! It took Mark 45 minutes to get the car checked in. At this time we find out that they don't have the part to fix my car for the recall. UGH. Are you kidding me? I made the appointment for the recall, we come all the way down here, and you tell me you don't have the part?? I was furious. On top of that, apparently it cost 600 dollars for the 40,000 mile tune up. What are they doing? Giving me a new engine!? We decided we would just take the car home and come back later. It did not make for a good start to our Saturday, but thankfully, Evan was just along for the ride and didn't have a problem with any of it!

We headed to Northpark after that to get Evan a Halloween costume. We had a 25% off coupon at Gymboree, so we thought we would check it out. Unfortunately, we were there at about 9:30 and the mall didn't open until ten. We had some fun just walking around the mall with Evan. At least it was air conditioned. Finally at ten, the mall opened and we went to Gymboree. They actually had a lot of cute stuff. All we bought was a DRAGON costume! Evan looked super cute it! Northpark had Stephanie's Day going on. A lot of booths, entertainment, and information on kids with special needs. A very eye opening experience! Evan enjoyed watching the clown and was fascinated by balloons. He even watched the ducksand turtles splash around in the water.

That afternoon, we headed to Uncle Matt's apartment. He was nice enough to invite us over for burgers and hot dogs before the Rangers game. Unfortunately, Evan was pretty exhausted at this point and was not really a happy camper. He played for a bit, screamed for a lot of bit, and then didn't nap. Thankfully, he fell asleep on the way to the game. Once we got into the stadium, Evan had a great time. We made sure to give him a lot of ice water. We wet his head a few times and even rubbed ice on his neck. He seemed happy and content, but with a 103 degree night we had to make sure he wasn't over heating. We stayed for about 4 innings and then decided to head home. Evan fell asleep in his carrier on the walk to the car and stayed asleep until the next morning. He wasn't even bothered by a diaper and pajama change at home. I guess we can say Evan has a GREAT day!

Sunday, Evan hit a new milestone. No, he still can not crawl! He will get into a crawling position and then he can sit himself back up. The first two times he did it, I missed it! Finally, the third time I got it on video. Since then, he has done it quite frequently. It is crazy how fast the little guy can learn things. He wasn't even trying to do that yesterday, and today he does it at least 7-8 times!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

7 months!

Seven months ago, Mark and I welcomed the most perfect little boy into this world. It is hard to believe we were about to "sleep" our first sleepless night with our cute lil guy! We had to watch him sleep to make sure he was alive. We didn't want to take our eyes off of him because he was ours and he was so perfect! We worried about every grimace and felt blessed with every smile. We love him so much and thank God for him every day!

On to today, I have sad news to report. I, yes I, his mom, gave Evan his very first bruise! AH! I was holding Evan on my hip walking through the hall way. Evan leans back and BOOM! His head hits the hall! He, of course, starts crying. Thankfully, I just held him in my arms and he was better in a matter of seconds. I felt so terrible, but Evan is a champ! In other not so fun news. Evan had his first, and hopefully only allergic reaction. We gave him cinnamon and butternut squash. This wasn't the first time he had cinnamon. He had it on toast, in oatmeal, and in butternut squash before, so why it happened this time not sure. We are going to wait for at least 3 months before trying cinnamon again. Poor guy was just fine, but his face was all red around his mouth.

Evan was being a little ham today, so I took a lot of pictures of him. He has such a personality. I am a teeny bit nervous of the toddler he is going to be!