Sunday, November 25, 2012


We spent Thanksgiving at the Hopper house in Arlington. It was great to get some family time. Evan really loves his Papa. He loves his Grammy too, but I guess boys rules! Anytime Papa was out of sight, Evan was screaming his name. We had a lazy Wednesday around the Hopper house. It was nice to have a four/two ratio. Evan had fun throwing the football with the guys. His favorite was blowing bubbles. Grammy and Pops got Evan a bubble machine that he could control. He LOVED it! He would squeal with glee every time the bubbles came out. It was very cute! Thursday, of course, was Thanksgiving. We had a delicious meal, but it was a quickly eaten one. Evan loved his food, but after about 5 minutes he was ready to go run and play. Margaret was asleep during grace, but, of course, woke up as soon we all had our food. It was an eventful meal, but we had two kids under two, we expected it! Friday was a great day for Evan. We went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science (or something like that). He mooed all through the cattle museum and 'choo chooed' when he saw the cattle train. He was a little afraid of the dinosaurs. Eventually, he was waving "hi" to all the bones!  They also have a great kids area. Evan loved building his own train track, but surprisingly, his favorite was the grocery store. He grabbed the basket and loaded everything he possibly could. He was climbing into the shelving to get all of the vegetables out! They also had a hospital and other fun areas. This is a great place for toddlers! 

We have so much to be thankful for. We had two healthy, precious kids. What more can you ask for? Oh, a loving husband? Got that too! We really are so thankful for all of our family. Our parents do so much for us. I have no idea where we would be with out our parents, but I can tell you we would not be where we are now! Thank you Bob, Jeanne, Bill, Sally! Your are amazing parents; with out you all things would be very different. You will never know how thankful we are! Thank you Matt, Bobby, and Marilyn. We love you for being great sibling that actually want to be in our lives!  Thank you great grandparents for loving your grandchildren! Thank you Cathy for caring so much. We really love and miss you! Can't wait to see you this Christmas. Thank you to all our other aunts, uncles, cousins, ect. We love you very much too! Even those long lost relatives we barely see, but care so much about! We love you all


Evan loves his "puppy"
2 month check up (11 pounds, 23.4 inches)
Loves his bus! The wheels on the bus go round and round!
He loves his sister!
One of my favorites!

Cranking his machine!
You are STILL taking my picture?
Bubbles in my FACE!
Loves his bubbles!
I love these kiddos!
Loving his shirt for Missy Mack!
Thankful for these two!
He is thrilled to eat thanksgiving!
Had a chance to play in the leaves. LOVED it!

Evan's artwork he made with Grammy! He love the glue!
Margaret LOVES thanksgiving!
She is already the boss, Look at that face..
Evan digging dinosaur bones at the museum.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

2 months!

My precious little girl is two months old today! It is crazy how time flies! In some ways I feel like we just brought her home and in others it seems like she has been in our lives forever. Life is still crazy around here!

Love my guy!
11 inches gone!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Second hair cut!

Sorry I have been MIA lately. My computer went coo-coo and I had to restore it therefor losing ALL of my old pictures. I was very sad, but thankful that I have this blog to at least re-live some of the memories. 

Anyway, we went to get Evan's hair cut for the second time. He screamed bloody murder for the first 5 minutes and then finally calmed down. The lady sort of gave Evan a mullet, but if anyone can rock a mullet, Evan can! After the hair cut, we went to BWW to eat. It was the best dinner we have had in a while regarding behavior. Margaret slept the whole time and Evan was occupied by the football on tv and putting his crayon in a pulling them out of the box. We are finally getting this family of four thing down. 

In other news, Margaret is sleeping about 7 hours at night. She sleeps from 7-2. I try to go to bed about nine so I can get some decent sleep. She then sleeps from 2-5 and then after 5 I am usually up until Evan wakes up about 5:45-6. Evan has become a little character lately, he now will grab my phone through out the day and say "night, night." He wants me to go put him in his crib so he can watch OSO on my phone. He won't go to sleep, but he will just hang out for about 30 minutes. It is the weirdest thing, but I guess even Evan needs his alone time. He loves to watch football and will yell at the tv.  I have no idea where he gets that from. He can also say football! Evan has become a pro at sign language. It's become he will watch baby signing time about 10 times in one day. He has mastered some signs: water, milk, apple, banana, cracker, cereal, game, horse, dog, frog, fish, bird, hot, cold, cry, please, friends, guns up, and touch down. Okay, okay, maybe the last two don't count, but we are still proud. 

7 weeks old?

So far she still has blue eyes...

Evan LOVES to pour water from container to container....

Is this not the saddest face???
Best buddies!
Second hair cut!
At BWW with less hair!

Margaret at BWW!
Playing with water, again!
Shooting bubbles at Troy!