Saturday, October 3, 2015

Wreck 'em Tech!!!

The kids at a Texas Tech game! It was Margaret's first and the first Evan probably remembers. I wish we were in Lubbock, but we had an absolute blast. The kids were on their best behavior and LOVED every second of it.

Evan kept asking if the bad guys were winning (Yes sadly baylor was winning). He said it wasn't fair the bad guys were winning. Trust me Evan, I agree.

The kids loved clapping, cheering, and giving the guns up! It was a great day that I hope goes down in their book!

Wreck 'em. We are red raiders!!!!

Uncle Matt and Evan at the game!

My little cheerleader.

Doesn't he look like he just belongs???

Little Twinkies.

The Hopper gals!!

Get your guns up!

Margaret's face!

My lil cuties.

Getting the tailgating life down....

Their favorite part!

We made it!!! Flags high!



Let's go tech!

AHH it's no looking so good!

Isn't she cute? She just loved to clap for every play! Bet she had a great game!!!

Wide eyes and happy! SO many fun things going on.

We raise them right!!!!

He has his guns up! #futureredraider

Little miss!!

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