Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy birthday MARGARET!!!!

Can you believe that Margaret is three? Seriously, where has the time gone. I still remember Mark watching the texas tech game and me laboring at home until the game is over. Nah, we aren't hard core fans or anything...haha!

Party #1 Mom's group

Margaret loves her sweet friends

Evan and Liam

Silly girl.

Cupcake time

She wanted a cookie

Thanks to everyone for coming out!


Brotherly love!

My little artist!


My little three year old.

Margaret before school on her birthday!

She did not want to wear her crown!

Birthday blessing!

Annual birthday pictures!

3 years of Margaret!

Margaret's third party. Family party at our house.

Silly mama silly daughter!


Serious business!

She loves her new lion!

Aunt Mare!

Football and birthday fun!

Rhett and Evan!!

Our family!! I love them!

Trying to re-create a picture from three years ago!

Happy birthday to you!!!!

Blow out the candles!

My little mini mark!

Birthday party #2 MAKEOVERS!!!

Making lip gloss.

nail painting time!

She is in heaven!

She picked purple and sparkles. Surprise....haha!

always being silly!

Hair time!

Face butterflies.

I can't wait to see how their relationship grows. They have been friends since birth.
Dear Miss Margaret,

You are growing into a beautiful young girl. We can not believe how fast these three years have gone by. You will always be our little baby. At three years old, you wear size 3t. You are potty trained. HOORAY! You love to pick your own clothes: which is usually some sort of princess dress and some sparkly accessory. You have loved jewelry since a bitty baby.

Your favorite color is purple and you love sparkles. You are a very kind and loving girl. You love all animals, but mostly cats. meow! You also have an attitude. Yes you!! Sometimes I envision you now as a teenager. Slamming doors and screaming NO at me....remember you are just three.

You love to eat grapes and typically hate eating meat. You are a red raider at heart because you also love to eat tortillas.  You have quite a sweet tooth and would probably drink chocolate milk and eat lara bars at every meal if mommy would let you.

Margaret, you are also a very smart girl! At the age of three you know all of your letters, colors, shapes and a lot of numbers. You are learning to write, but love to draw and color.

If there is one thing you have learned these first three years, I hope it is how much we all love you. Your brother is your best friend. Evan and you love to role play. Margaret, you often play the baby, and Evan is the Daddy. He takes great care of you and yall have a lot of fun! You love to spend time together, but, of course, you also fight! I hope you continue to share this special bond.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!
Happy birthday, sweetheart!!!

Mommy and Daddy

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