Friday, October 23, 2015

FIRST field trip!

Watching the ranger game in style.

Homemade comfort food! Green beans with bacon, mashed potatoes, and chicken friend chicken with gravy!
Green beans:
I suggest tripling the recipe. I could eat these every day!!

Mashed potatoes: 3 russet potatoes, skinned and boiled until soft. Mash and add half and half, cream cheese, sour cream and salt/pepper. I just add to taste. Half and half is just used to make creamier.

Chicken fried chicken: I don't have a recipe. I take thin chicken breast strips. Coat them in egg/buttermilk mixture. Toss in flour, pepper, paprika, garlic mixture. Then repeat. Get pan of oil hot and cook for about 3 minutes on each side.

Gravy: I use the same pan with the pan drippings in it. If a lot I may discard some, then I made a roux. What is roux? Well, be ready to sit at stir like a maniac!! Melt 3tbsp of butter in pan, Add 3 tbsp of floor with a whisk (a little at a time) and whisk like a mad woman! Then add a cup of milk (or so depending on thickness you like), SLOWLY, and continue to whisk! Whisk, and whisk. Alright, now add salt and pepper to taste!! You can thank me later for the arm workout and delicious gravy!
Crazy girl! Finds anywhere to sleep but her bed!!

Happy birthday Grammy!!

Homemade banana cinnamon bread!!
 SO, so good! Here is the link:

Only in Texas would this be fun in October!

 First ever field trip was a success!!! He had a blast with his class at the pumpkin patch. His favorite was the maze. He wanted to do it over and over again!
Evan going through the hay maze with his class.

Giving the pig a kiss!

Getting so big and tired of pictures...

feeding the goats

and feeding a cow!

My big boy!!!


He got to pick a pumpkin (and he was nice enough to get one for his sister!)
Lunch with friends at the pumpkin patch!


His second favorite part!

Evan's new pet!
Meet goldie!
Giving him a kiss!

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