Tuesday, October 27, 2015

State fair!!!!

We had a blast at the state fair! The kids loved "driving" all the cars. They weren't very interested in the corns dogs (who are these kids??), loved the cotton candy, wanted to ride EVERY ride (I am sorry you aren't tall enough), and wanted to play every game that cost literally about 20 dollars each!

Despite that, we got to see the trains, pet the animals, rode a few rides, and had some yummy goodies. We always have fun here!

And please give me bonus points for putting my kids in coordinating outfits :) 

Checking out the cars.

3 going on 16!


Our favorite!


Family roller coaster.

Motorcycle fun!

Monkeying around at the fair.

Fun house fun!


He loves to jump!

Petting zoo time!


Cotton candy time!

Evan wanted his face painted!

Seeing it for the first time.

So cool!

Another ride!

They went in a 'fun' house by themselves.


Popsicles to end the day!

Came home to a nerf gun fight. We know how to have fun!

Time to wash away the fair!

Bye bye ninja turtle!

So silly!

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