Saturday, October 3, 2015

Back to school

It is that time again! Back to school! Evan is started his last year and will be in Pre-K. Margaret is starting her first year of school and will be in the 2's! Margaret has the same teacher and class room that Evan did when he started. We absolutely LOVE her, so I know Margaret will have a great first year. It is crazy how grown up Evan's class is. I know he is going to love all the exploring and learning this year!

Twas the night before school...

We made it to school!

Well, Ms. Margaret had her second trip to the ER. Evan slammed her thumb completely shut in the closet door. The bloody scream and flat thumb had be thinking it was shattered into a million pieces. We get her to the ER and thankfully she falls asleep. They get her into xray and it looks good. Thank goodness for flexible baby bones. She has to wear her thumb in a splint for a few days and should be good to go!

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